Quick & Easy Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Monday 12 June 2017

Oh boy, I can't believe how lazy I get sometimes.  Yes, even I have days when I can't be asked to cook or I am too busy to cook and those are the days when a recipe like this one comes in really handy!

Its great for those lazy nights . . .  for the too hot to cook nights . . .  for the busier than a hen hauling wood nights  . . . 

Its also quite economical and quick, oh and did I mention that its delicious?  Well it is all of those things and more, much more!

I have never had a real cheese steak sandwich, I hasten to add.  Never even been close to Philadelphia, but I know what I like to eat and these I like to eat.

Its as easy as softening some onions, mushrooms and green bell peppers in a pan, adding some stock and cooked steak slices . . .

Pile that onto toasted hoagie buns that you have slathered with creamy horseradish sauce, top with some cheese and dinner is served! 

 It could not be easier.  I have given quantities for two people, but you can easily multiply the amounts to serve more than two people. 

I use a combination of Edam and Gouda cheeses because they melt really easily, but you could use whatever cheese you fancy.  Fontina would be good actually. 

For the beef stock I use the little gel stock packs you can get over here from the people at Knorr.  I like the rich beef ones.  They have lots of flavour, and a rich dark colour!

*Quick & Easy Cheese Steak Sandwiches*
Serves 2
These are delicious, simple to make and go together really quickly with the use of a few convenience items. 

1 tsp rapeseed oil
1 small green bell pepper, trimmed and cut into strips
1 medium onion, peeled and cut into thin wedges
1 handful of button mushrooms, sliced
rick beef stock
150g pack steak slices (5 1/2 ounces)
salt and black pepper to taste
4 slices of melty cheese (I used gouda and edam)
2 TBS creamy horseradish sauce
2 hoagie buns 

Heat the oil in a medium skillet.  Add the peppers, onions and mushrooms.  Cook and stir, until softened.  Add beef stock just to cover along with the steak slices.  Heat through.  Split the hoagie buns and toast lightly under the grill.Spread the bottoms of each toasted bun with the creamy horseradish sauce.  Top with the steak and vegetable mixture and the cheese.  Fold the top halves of the buns over the meat and cheese.  Warm for a few minutes to melt the cheese.  Serve immediately.

If you can't get refrigerated cooked Steak slices you could also use sliced deli roast beef, cut into strips.  Either way it is delicious.  I really hope you will add these to your summer/weekday/lazyday meal repertoire!  Bon Appetit!


  1. This looks and sounds amazing! What a fast and tasty lunch or dinner this would be!

    Jane x

  2. You lazy?

    Is there another abbreviation than LOLOLOLOLOL!!:)

    1. LOL MOnique, trust me, I do have lazy days when I can't be asked, admittedly not too often, but they do occur! lol xoxo

  3. Ive been rushing around all day and not had any lunch just sat having a quick cuppa and quick surf of the net before my son comes in and now I've seen this - oh man - I could just east it :-) xx

    1. You will have to get the gear in to make these for the next time you have a busy day Ali! Quick, easy and delicious! xo


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