Sweet and Sour Peanut Sauce

Friday 19 October 2018

I had some breaded chicken tenders I wanted to cook for our tea the other day, but I also wanted to make a tasty sauce for dipping them into.  One of the things we like to get when we go to McDonald's (a rare treat) is the chicken fingers with dipping sauce. 
We always have two dips. The sour cream one and the sweet chili. I like to dip them into the sweet chili first and then into the sour cream.   This is sooooo good!  I love it. 

I am also very fond of peanut sauce, especially when it is an easy peanut sauce. 

I also love the sweet and sour sauce that you can get with McNuggets. Its delicious. 
I found a copycat recipe for that on line and thought I would make that but then I didn't have the jams the recipe asked for, apricot and peach.  DARN!

The only orange coloured jam/preserve I had was Orange Marmalade. My husband loves orange marmalade.
So do I for that matter.

Orange marmalade can be quite bitter though  . . .  but I still thought it would work.  I measured some into my mini food processor.  Then I thought . . .  peanut butter.  Smooth peanut butter.  
Its creamy, salty and a bit sweet. I thought it would work well with the bitterness of the marmalade.  So I measured some of that in.  Equal quantities of both  . . .

I added some rice wine vinegar for some sour . . .  and to help thin the mixture  . . . 

A measure of honey for more sweet  . . . 

Soy sauce for some additional saltiness  . . . and to think it a bit more as well . . . 

Finally a measure of sweet chili sauce for another bit of sweetness and a hint of heat . . .

Blitzed together until smooth  . . .  and all I can say is WOWSA!  A deliciously easy peanut sauce to serve with our chicken!

I was ever so pleased with how it turned out.  I now have a new favourite dipping sauce!

This was a wonderful mix of flavours and textures . . .  sweet, tangy, creamy, spicy, rich and sour.  In short perfect! 

This works well as a dip or as a sauce.  It went wonderfully with our chicken strips, and I think it would also be excellent with pork and fish.  I think it would be really good with grilled salmon!

Yield: 4

Sweet & Sour Peanut Sauce

prep time: 5 minscook time: total time: 5 mins
A delicious sauce that can either be spooned over chicken, pork or fish, or used as a dipping sauce.


4 TBS smooth peanut butter
4 TBS fine shred orange marmalade
2 TBS rice wine vinegar
1 TBS liquid honey
1 TBS light soy sauce
1 TBS sweet chili sauce


Measure all of the ingredients into a small food
processor and blitz together until smooth.  Cover and refrigerate until
needed. This will keep for quite a while in the refrigerator.
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I ended up just spooning it over my chicken.  YUMMY!  I think I may have discovered a new favourite sauce!

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Happy Friday and happy eating!  

Sweet and Sour Peanut Sauce

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  1. Another yummy recipe. I love the idea of a manual food processor..

    1. Yes, you can use it anywhere! Even Camping! xo

  2. Love the marm addition..Love this kind of sauce:)

    1. I was inspired Monique and was really happy with the way it turned out! xo

  3. I think I must be the one person on the planet that has never eaten at McDonalds. The smell of stale frying as you pass one puts me off, so I've never been tempted to go in.

    However, you should bottle this sauce as it is so delicious! How clever you are to combine all of these flavours and tweak it to get the right taste. It's a really great talent you have and we are so lucky that you share these with us.

    I made some grilled and nicely charred chicken skewers tonight and this was the perfect sauce to go with them. I served the skewers rice, sliced cucumber, fresh pineapple chunks and thinly sliced Spanish onions and this fabulous sauce. Yum!


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