Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Okay so you might be asking yourself, do you really need another Banana Bread???  I say YES!  You can never have too many Banana Bread Recipes! 

Especially when they are as moist and flavourful as this one!  Stogged full of lovely banana flavours and chocolate chips, this spells W I N N E R all round! 

I have a multitude of Banana Breads on here.   Each one is  quite different than the rest and all are delicious in their own right.

Plain old Banana Bread, Nutella Banana Bread, Chocolate Marbled,  Sour Cream, Oat Topped, etc.  They are all very good.

This recipe I am sharing today boasts a sour cream batter . . .  sour cream makes for a very moist batter  . . .

The only leavening in it is some bicarbonate of soda.  When you are using something acidic like sour cream or plain yogurt (and by the way you can also use the equivalent amount of yogurt in this recipe instead of the sour cream) you need to add bicarbonate of soda (baking soda).

The bicarb works with the acid in the sour cream/yogurt/buttermilk to create a chemical reaction which causes the baked good to rise in the oven. It may even start to rise before you get it into the oven, so its best to get whatever you are making into the heat of the oven as soon as you can. 

There are plenty of chocolate chips in this bread.  I don't buy special ones.  I just use the semi-sweet chocolate chips that you can get at Costco.  Kirkland brand.  I like them.

I stir them into the dry ingredients before I combine the wet and the dry for the bread.  

When you are adding something heavy, like nuts, or dried fruit, or chocolate chips to a batter, it always helps to stir them into the flour before you stir them into the creamed mixture.

It helps to keep them from sinking to the bottom of the loaf/bake.  You end up with a much more even distribution throughout your bake.

In any case this is truly a lovely bake. You could also add chopped nuts if you wanted to . . .  

Toasted Walnuts or Pecans would be just lovely  . . . 

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread  

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Yield: Makes one medium loaf
Do you really need another Banana Bread.  YES!  Especially one as moist and flavourful as this one!


  • 3 medium well ripened bananas (about 1 1/2 cups mashed)
  • 100g soft light brown sugar (1/2 cup packed)
  • 95g granulated sugar (1/2 cup)
  • 120g butter, melted (1/2 cup)
  • 2 large free range eggs, beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 60g sour cream (1/2 cup) (can use low fat)
  • 190g plain flour (1 1/3 cup)
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 135g semi-sweet chocolate chips (3/4 cup)


How to cook Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

  1. Preheat the oven to 165*C/325*F/ gas mark 3.  Butter a 9 by 5 inch loaf tin and line with baking paper, leaving an overhang to help lift out at the end.
  2. Whisk the flour, soda and salt together in a bowl.  Stir in 2/3 of the chocolate chips and set aside.
  3. Peel and then beat the bananas with an electric whisk until thoroughly mashed.  Beat in the eggs, sour cream, brown sugar, melted butter and vanilla until thoroughly mixed.  Fold the flour mixture into the wet mixture, just to combine.  Pour into the prepared loaf tin. Sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips over top.
  4. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.  If you think it is browning too quickly towards the end, cover lightly with foil. (Mine took 1 hour 15 minutes.)
  5. Let cool completely in the pan before lifting out.  Store at room temperature in an airtight container.  Cut into thick slices to serve.
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This bread is so moist and delicious, I declare it downright dangerous!   


  1. I make banana loaf quite often, probably once every two weeks and I’m definitely trying this recipe! I will add nuts, it looks amazing and sounds amazing, have a great day Marie!

    1. Nuts are gorgeous in this Laurie. I really hope you and Gary enjoy this! xoxo

  2. You are right..and it's fun to switch it up!!

  3. I could not find where to add in the brown sugar and melted butter. Does it go in this recipe?

    1. Oops sorry about that Mmermaid. It goes in with the bananas and other wet ingredients! My apologies! xoxo


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