Snaffling Pig

Monday, 6 May 2019

I was recently sent some snacks  to try out from Snaffling Pig the makers of tasty pork crackling snacks!  It is true that you can use ever bit of the pig and these snacks are proof positive of that!  Created from the skin of the animal, they are infused with fabulous flavours and cooked until moreishly crisp!

You can get them in plain and Perfectly Salted  . . .  spicy Habanero  . . .  

Long Slow Barbeque and Salt'N'Vinegar  . . . .

 Mighty Mustard and Marvellous Maple  . . .

You can get them in single serve sized bags and in containers large enough for sharing with your friends.

Winners of NINE Great Taste Awards, which is a huge accomplishment and I am not surprised as they are really tasty.  Indulgent, yes  . . .  great with cold drinks and for parties, game nights and get togethers.  They also make wonderful "breading" for anyone who is low-carbing it.  They can be purchased online, and are available in select Sainsbury's all over the UK.  As they say Dream Pig.


  1. I remember my Dad eating these not this brand but the same food only I doubt so many flavor choices!!That is quite a selection,, I did see on pinterest they use this for breading,, isn't that amazing!

    1. It is amazing, and with all these flavours, the breading is amazing for low-carbers! xoxo

  2. Do be careful of your teeth Marie!


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