Ion8 Leak Proof Water Bottle - Review

Monday 27 May 2019

A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to try the Ion8 Leakproof Water Bottle.  I said yes, and was sent this gorgeous purple 500ml model. It also comes in a larger 1 litre model which is ideal to keep up your water intake without having to constantly re-fill it. The smaller one fits perfectly in a cup holder or a child's backpack. Both come in a variety of colours, and the smaller version also comes in a few different patterned designs.  I've been putting it through its paces for about a week and a half now and these are my findings.

It  has a handy dandy carrying hook, which makes it easy to hook onto standard sized bicycle bottle cages.  You could also easily hook it onto your ruck sack if you are hiking, or your back pack if you are going to school. 

It sports an on-the-go one hand, flip lid. with a lock that you can put into place to keep it from opening up accidentally  . . .

But once you undo the lock, the lid pops open easily with the simple touch of a finger, ready to drink from. 

It has a stylish and  comfortable drinking spout . . .

 The drinking part is vented for a smoother flow of liquid . . .

It is also totally leak-proof providing you have screwed the lid on properly. (I didn't once and it did leak, but I was quickly and easily able to readjust it and seal the lid properly.)  The smaller size would fit perfectly into a large handbag which makes it great to take to work. 

You can carry both hot or cold drinks in it, but do be aware that it will not keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold.  It is merely a vessel for one or the other. 

  • no leaks, seal & lock
  • fast flow rapid hydration
  • on-the-go one hand, flip lid
  • safe, bpa free non-toxic tritan
  • odour resistant
  • hard-wearing and durable
  • easy to wash
  • suitable for hot or cold drinks 
The Ion8 Leakproof  1 litre hydration bottle is available via Amazon in a range of beautiful colours for the cost of £13.99

If your preference is for a smaller bottle, the 500ml Ion8  Leakproof Slim,  is available also from Amazon in a wide selection of colours and patterns starting at the price of  £8.99.  This smaller size also makes it ideal for children.

To learn more about them check them out at Ion8 Leakproof.
You can also follow them on Instagram.

I love the colour, feel and size of this smaller one.  I often have a drink with me while I am working on the computer and am much more comfortable using this to hold my drink so that I don't accidentally spill it and fry my keyboard.  I would highly recommend this drinks holder to anyone.

Note - Although I was sent this drink bottle free of charge, I was not required to write a positive review in return, merely to post my findings.  Any thoughts are entirely my own.  Many thanks to LeakProof for sending me this bottle for review.


  1. Fun to receive trial things:)Cannot tell you how many water bottles our 2 young families have:)

    1. I don't think you can ever have too many Monique! xoxo


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