Cooking in Quarantine

Sunday 8 November 2020

 Cooking in Quarantine 

As most of my readers are aware, I recently made the decision to return to my home country of Canada to live.  As you can imagine, this was not easy amidst a World Pandemic!!  Only I would make a decision like that at a time like this! haha

Actually I am not alone. People all over the world are making this decision, and as daunting as it can appear to be, it doesn't have to actually be as difficult as it might seem on the surface.

As soon as I realised what I was going to be doing I secured myself a place to stay during my quarantine.  This is a necessary evil at this time.  

Some of you may be able to quarantine in the comfort of your own home. I wish. That was not the case for myself. With a sister who has COPD and a father with heart issues, it was very necessary that I find another place to stay for the two weeks.0 2]
Thankfully I was able to get myself a fairly comfortable little apartment style accomodation at a fairly reasonable price. I have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge area, with WiFi. (This was a necessity!) 

The bed is comfortable.  The cooking facilities are reasonable, although I am definitely missing my cooking equipment/tools and dual fuel stove!! 
Once I get situated in a place of my own, it will take me a while to build my tools etc. back up again. I have had to leave everything behind and have NOTHING! 
My friend Marie from Sweden suggested I start up a wish list on Amazon. We will see. I have lost my vast collection of cookery books, all of my pots and pans,baking pans, etc.  I literally do not even have a knife and a fork! That a different story however as today I want to talk to you about Cooking in Quarantine! 

Should you find yourself in a similar situation I thought it might be helpful in sharing my experience with you.

One of the first things I did after I had secured my accomodation was to give my sister a grocery list.  I am so fortunate that I am able to quarantine very close to where I have family. 
My sister was able to go out and buy me groceries, and stock the refrigerator reasonably, so that I would be able to cook for at least a week. My father very generously paid for them.  I know that my sister will be topping things up until my quarantine is finished.  

When you are down to the very basics you need to choose very carefully what you want and what you can reasonably cook and eat. I knew I would not be doing any baking so baking goods did not make the cut. 
You will not be cooking Gourmet meals from your hotel room with what is available for you to cook with, but it will still be possible for you to cook delicious and interesting food without having to resort to frozen ready meals.

Cooking in Quarantine

Here is what was on my original list: 
  •  1 loaf of whole wheat bread
  • some kind of butter spread (I am watching my cholesterol so Benecol with olive oil was my choice)
  • 1 small jar of peanut butter (a great source of protein)
  • A box of breakfast cereal (I like cheerios)
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • A carton of Orange juice
  • A carton of Prune juice (don't ask, lol)
  • A package of luncheon meat
  • Dijon mustard
  • Salad stuff (mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions)
  • A packet of boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Fresh vegetables (not a huge amount, some broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
  • Baby new potatoes
  • A bottle of good salad dressing (my choice was blue cheese, but pick your favourite one)
  • a small block of good cheddar
  • dried figs
  • a few apples
  • a few pears
  • Vanilla pudding pots, or yogurt
  • Plain pretzels to snack on 
  • Plain sparkling water 

Cooking in Quarantine

My sister very kindly asked me ahead of time were there any treats that I missed from home that I might enjoy when I got here.  Of course there were!  She picked me up some of my favourite Coffee Crisp Bars, a package of Crunchy Doritos, a bag of Dill Pickle Chips (yumm!!), some Bran Muffins,Diet Coke and she threw in a few surprises, including some ordinary plain bottled water.  Plus I had a lovely bouquet of flowers waiting my arrival. She even had the fire turned on. 

One thing I did not think of, and you might want to consider is Salt and Pepper.  DUH!  Such a simple thing. 

You won't be having any herbs in your room/flat and if you are going to cook anything at all a little bit of seasoning would go down well. Of course it is not practical to have a whole assortment of seasonings and spices. 

Last night my sister brought me over some salt and pepper and a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast. BONUS!! (Isn't she sweet!) 

So, don't forget some seasoning!

Cooking in Quarantine

If you are really lucky you will be in an area that has good takeaway/delivery meals. I am not in one of those aareas,  so I will very much have to rely on my own abilities to provide for myself. 

My daughter did drop me off one of my favourite Sour Cream Doughnuts on her way back from Tim Hortons yesterday which was a real treat! 

A few things you will want to bear in mind: 

1. You will not have top cooking tools/knives/eating utensils/pots/pans. Prepare for bare bones cookery.

2. You will need to be somewhat inventive with what you cook and eat. 

3. This is not forever. Its only for two weeks.

4. Keep it simple.

With all of that I managed to cook myself a fairly delectable main meal yesterday, which I will be sharing with you next time. In the meantime, here is a photograph of just what you can do with a minimum of ingredients and equipment. 

Cooking in Quarantine

Do take note that cooking in quarantine from a hotel room will be vastly different from cooking in quarantine from home.  This is a completely different experience, but can be just as delicious!

See you tomorrow with the recipe from above! 

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  1. Yes, please start up an Amazon wish list.
    That is a wonderful idea from Marie in Sweden!
    Your blog is great and the recipes are excellent.

    1. I have started one E. It can be found here, but do let me know if you order something so I can remove it from the list. Apparently they don't come off automatically:

  2. Glad to hear that you have arrived safely. Time heals. Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you very much Helen, I am counting on it! xoxo

  3. That Marie in Sweden is a smart cookie - ha, ha! I hope you consider that Amazon list - even if people only buy you a few small items, it is something you don't have to buy yourself and we will know we've helped you in a practical way. And it's a list you can always have that someone can pick out whenever they feel the urge. Plus you won't get 15 of the same thing as it is removed the minute someone purchases it.

    You've provided some great tips for people when thinking about stocking up with basics. We all have to think about that these days as times are so uncertain and we never know when there will be a lockdown or shortage of supplies. Keeping simple ingredients in the house means that you can always make something nourishing to eat.

    You've got a great survival and pioneering spirit and you inspire all of us who regularly read here.

    1. Thanks so much Marie. I did start a wish list, which you can find here:
      Please do not feel under any obligation however! xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. She is amazing Monique. I love her so much. xoxo

  5. Welcome home. I too think an Amazon wish list is a great idea.

    1. Thanks Mam, here is the link:
      But again, do not feel obligated. xoxo

  6. Marie,
    Please provide us a wish list. Since I could not send you money on your donation page I would like to help you get your kitchen set up again.
    My best to you in this difficult time,

    1. Thank you so much Susan, here is the link to the page I set up, but do not feel obligated by any stretch. I am humbled by people wanting to help. xoxo

  7. What a wonderful family! Won’t it be fabulous when you can hug!
    God bless, V

  8. Please let us know if you start an Amazon wish list. That sounds like a great idea. Maybe Pampered Chef even has something like that.

    1. Thank you so much. I did start a list. You can find the link here.

      Again, there is no obligation! xoxo

  9. Welcome Home Marie! While I am not sure of the circumstances regarding your decision to return, I do hope you find some joys in being on "native soil." Looks like you are decently "stocked" (well, sans the spices LOL).... We have a second home on a lake further north of our home and I have a standard "staple" list that I make sure to fill prior to leaving for there. I am certain your 2 weeks of isolation will be creative...and followed by many joyous reunions.... ~Robin~

    1. Thank you very much Robin! It does take planning, and I can't wait for the 2 weeks to be over! xoxo

  10. Welcome back to Canada! I agree, a wish list would be great or an address where we can send you Amazon gift cards. I can get it out soon:)

    1. Hi Sue, I am not sure how that works. I did open a wish list though:

    2. Hi Marie,

      I am attempting to make a purchase from your wish list but when I get to shipping it is asking:

      Do we need a security code or a call box number to access the building?

      Choose available days:
      I can receive shipments any day of the week.
      Don't deliver on weekends.

      Do either of the 2 apply?


    3. No security code or call box. It would go to the Post Office. Xo

    4. Hi again,

      Can't check out without a phone number:(

    5. The order has been completed. Should be receiving it soon. Enjoy!

  11. So glad to have you back home again amid your loved ones, all set up and comfy in your temporary accommodation. The chicken and vegetables looks delicious (as always) and fit for the Queen. Simple abundance truly does bring the greatest joys.

    Sweet Marie and Swede Marie... You Two!! What a great pair, love you both and what a great suggestion for an Amazon wish list. It IS a terrific way for anyone from anywhere to help out and give back in a tangible and practicable way. Honestly, how wonderful for your friends and everyone who loves you to help contribute to their favourite food blogger's kitchen! Sounds like great fun and I can't wait to see your wish list <3

    ... the doggies have already told me what they want to order for you ; )

  12. Oh wowo, thanks Jen! I did set up a wish list. You can find that here:
    Again, no obligation! xoxo

  13. Welcome home, Marie. That looks like a mighty fine dinner for a short-term kitchen with poor tools! Very healthy (which is good, given the dill chips, which sound great! I need to try some of those!). Your sister sounds terrific and that donut sounds good. I think you'll manage fine in quarantine.

    But I am worried about your starting over. I'll check out your Amazon list but I suspect there will be other things you will need too. Please keep us posted.


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