Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

Friday 13 November 2020

Here I am on Friday the 13th, with another Quarantine Recipe.  I am enjoying rising to the challenge of coming up with tasty eats using very few ingredients and appalling cooking equipment. 

It makes sense that motel rooms/suites won't use quality merchandise in their rooms, but one fork? One knife?  No knives that can actually cut, and really gross looking bowls, etc.  I think they need to upgrade.  And NO cleaning materials whatsoever.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

 I know I am in quarantine but I still want to be clean.  Just drop some off at the door. I can clean. My bathroom sink is looking pretty disgusting after a week! I have nothing to scrub it with.

For todays recipe I looked into my freezer, refrigerator and cupboard.  I had a package of cooked brown basamati rice.  A cooked chicken breast.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

 I also had some fresh carrots, cauliflower and kale.  Spring onions and garlic as well.  And from the freezer, some frozen green beans. 

I also have milk in the refrigerator and Dijon mustard.  Plus my sister brought me some rosemary from her garden the other day.  I thought I would do a stir fry, using up those things.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

 A stir fry with pot pie flavours. Obviously if I had a few more herbs I would use them, but rosemary is what I have. Thyme would also be very good. 

We loved pot pies when we were growing up. My mom made the best pot pies. She could make a pot pie out of anything and we loved them.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

 Most of the time any leftovers from a roast dinner got put into a pot pie.  Gravy.  Meat. Vegetables.  We absolutely adored them. 

There is no crust in this, but it did embody a lot of the flavours of a pot pie. If I had cream I would have used it instead of milk for an extra touch of richness, but one must use what one must use.

I added some Dijon mustard to the milk to give it more flavour.  It worked very well.  A touch of rich heat.

I love the flavour of Dijon mustard.  I am afraid I have been spoiled forever for really liking North American mustard again.  Sorry about that.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

If you have regular onions, by all means use them. I don't.  Spring onions are not overly oniony in comparison, but they did give a touch of onion flavour. 

The size of the stir fry was very generous.  I  had enough for two generous helpings. You could vary the vegetables according to what you have, as well as the herbs.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

 I also added celery which I forgot to mention above. Celery goes very well in things like this, I have to say.

Its a fried rice dish with a different flavour. No soy sauce here.  Just milk and Dijon.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

Overall it worked.  I was really happy with the results. Its surprising what you can come up with when push comes to shove.

This is the kind of cookery I really enjoy.  Creating something from nothing and not a lot!


I call it cooking by the seat of your pants. Nigel Slater style I guess. That's how he cooks.

I will be glad when my jet lag is over. I am feeling really tired today and quite unwell.  Not covid, no temperature, just tired.

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry
Yield: 2
Author: Marie Rayner
prep time: 5 Mincook time: 15 Mintotal time: 20 Min
Another recipe from quarantine using what I have to hand. This was also incredibly delicious!


  • 1 cooked chicken breast, cubed
  • 1/2 TBS olive oil
  • 1 package (2 serving size) of cooked brown rice
  • 1 small carrot peeled and diced
  • 1 large cauliflower floret, broken into smaller bits
  • 1 leaf of kale, trimmed and cut into shreds
  • a small handful of frozen green beans, diced
  • 2 sprig onions, sliced
  • 1/4 tsp mixed herbs or rosemary, snipped
  • 1/2 cup milk (120ml)
  • 1 TBS Dijon mustard
  • salt and black pepper to taste


  1. Heat the olive oil in a largish non-stick skillet.  Add all of the vegetables and the chicken.  Cook, stirring frequently until the vegetables are crispy tender.
  2. Whisk the milk and mustard together along with the herbs.
  3. Crumble the rice over the chicken mixture.  Pour the milk mixture over top.  Give it all a good stir.
  4. Cover and heat through. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper as desired.  Serve hot!
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Chicken Pot Pie Stir Fry

This is fun! I just love using my imagination and stretching my abilities! I will have to get my sister to pick me up a few more things as I am running low on certain things.  It really helps if you have someone to do that for you! 

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  1. I’m sorry to lose you from the UK, you are a fantastic cook,, and I love reading your blog. Having said this , you have to do whatever is best for you, and I appreciate this, so I wish you well back in Canada. You will so enjoy being with your family and grandchildren, God bless xx

    1. Thank you very much Sue! I will still be cooking and sharing. Just from a different location! xoxo

  2. I can imagine this is a big challenge for you. As I read through the recipe I immediately thought of tweaks, but then remembered that I have the luxury of choice and a very well stocked herb and spice collection. This is a great base dish that you can fine-tune to match what you have on hand - I love flexible dishes like this.

    I think you might have to ask your sister to drop off some cleaning items - I would get a bit twitchy if I could not clean properly. I did laugh at the knife that doesn't actually cut. My husband started to help out with the cooking after my accident, as you know. He described my kitchen knife as being as useful as trying to slice with a banana :) He promptly bought a sharpening stone, set me up one of those magnetic knife racks and I now have a collection of lovely, razor sharp knives within easy reach when I work. It does make a big difference and makes me wonder how I put up with that blunt knife all these years.

    1. I have some lysol towelettes and I am using them, but I think it very odd that they don't include some cleaning supplies in an apartment. How wonderful that your husband set you up like that with knives. Kudos to him! I could think of so many tweaks to this recipe and will be making it again sometime using them! Love and hugs, xoxo

  3. This looks delicious Marie, simple, healthy, nourishing and gluten free (for those inclined). Leftovers of this will be super warmed in the oven under a sprinkled cheddar crust, perfect for our incoming winter months. Think i might size this up to army proportions and not have to cook again 'til spring!

    You've no doubt been getting 'exhausted' sleep for a very long time now, hopefully more restful, contented, healing sleep will gently find you stronger with time <3

  4. I admire your ability to make something from ‘kinda’ nothing....easy breezy and yummy, I’m sure. V

    1. Thanks V. I love challenges such as this! xoxo

  5. It looks truly delicious...and the different flavors sound interesting...never thought of using mustard...but I do think it was a good mix!! You are very inventive...and still using those skills...good job, Marie!!
    Elizabeth xoxo

    1. Mustard has a lovely depth of flavour. A bit of heat, some tang. It worked well Elizabeth! xoxo

  6. Looks good to me ! Good luck to you in Canada and you take care of yourself . You are amazing how you have organised and come through all this on your own! Hugs Debbie xxx

    1. Thanks very much Deb. I am a lot stronger than I thought I was! xoxo

  7. That looks really tasty, Marie. And I so admire your inventiveness. And it might be time to ask your sister if she could bring over a few supplies so you can work in a clean space. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks Jeanie! I have some Lysol towelettes! Better than nothing! ❤️


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