Perfect Sheet Pan Cooking for Two

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Sheet Pan Suppers For Two

Sheet pan suppers.  I love sheet pan suppers.  Everything all on one or two baking sheets, baked at the same time in the oven. No fuss, no muss.  Deliciously simple.

If you are a person who is cooking only for one or two people, dinner cannot get much easier than this.

Everything roasts on one pan. Your whole dinner. This makes for ease in cooking and an easy clean-up when you are done. Sometimes you just feel lazy. I get it. I feel lazy sometimes too.  You cannot beat this kind of meal for times like that! 

You may not think it is possible for you to cook your meat, vegetable and potatoes all in the same amoun of time using a sheet pan, but it is ABSOLUTELY possible.  

Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos

Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos 

 One of the things I love to make when we have leftover roasted or rotisserie chicken is Nachos.  They are easy to make, and very easily adapted to your individual tastes. 

They also make for a very quick week night supper, or if you are feeling particularly indulgent, something to munch on whilst watching a game or a film on the telly at the weekend!  

These are really quick and easy to make! Cheesy, crisp tortilla chips, layered with flavourful chicken, black beans and a variety of toppings! 

You just can't go wrong! They are real people pleasers!


Crispy Sheet Pan Chicken Milanese 

Crispy Sheet Pan Chicken Milanese 

Crispy Sheet Pan Chicken Milanese, perfectly sized for just two people! With this one you get lovely tender, crisp golden  crumb and cheese chicken breasts, flavoured with garlic and lemon.  

They are baked rather than fried, which makes them a bit healthier.  You also have crisp golden brown potatoes  . . .  again flavoured with butter and garlic. 

Add to the mix, beautiful crispy tender green beans, again flavoured with butter and garlic . . . near the end baby plum tomatoes are added. 

The tomatoes are drizzled with a bit of Balsamic vinegar, to help bring out their natural sweetness, and pop everything back into the oven just until the tomatoes are wilted and beginning to caramelise.

Altogether, this is quite simply gorgeous.

Sheet Pan Sausage & Peppers 

Sheet Pan Sausage & Peppers 

A delicious mix of smoked sausage, mixed peppers and onions. All baked together on a sheet pan until the sausage is golden brown and the vegetables lightly caramelized.

Delicious in a toasted bun or on the side of a baked potato, with pasta, etc. This simple supper is tasty, tasty, tasty! 

Simple Lemon & Herb Chicken

Simple Lemon & Herb Chicken

Dishes like this lemon herb chicken thighs, baked all on one sheet and sized for just two fit the bill perfectly when you are feeling rather lazy but still want to put a delicious meal on the table! 

You begin by cutting new potatoes into wedges and tossing them with melted butter and seasonings and roasting them on a rimmed baking tray for about 15 minutes. 

At the end of that time period, you add some boneless skinless chicken thighs, and asparagus cuts, which have also been tossed with a bit of melted butter and seasoning.  A tsp of honey is spread on each chicken thigh, and then I like to top them with a spring of fresh thyme and a slice of lemon. 

With perfectly cooked vegetables and tender flavorful chicken with  tangy lemon, honey and buttery juices to spoon over top . . .  and a slight touch of herbiness.  

Honey, lemon and thyme, a triune of beautiful flavors that go wonderfully well with chicken cuts of any kind.  A bit of chicken heaven.

This is really a beautiful meal with juicy tender and flavour filled chicken, crisp potatoes and tender asparagus. 


Sheet Pan Roasted Sea Bass Dinner for Two

Sheet Pan Roasted Sea Bass Dinner 

No fuss, no muss, and little to no clean up involved. It is also perfectly sized for just two people, but of course you can increase the amounts to serve more if you wish.

What you end up with is two beautifully roasted pieces of fish and beautifully caramelized onions, crispy roasted potatoes, and roasted tomatoes.

This not only looks fabulous, but its healthy and delicious as well!

Sheet Pan Chinese Pork Tenderloin

Sheet Pan Chinese Pork Tenderloin 

In this tasty entrée pork tenderloin gets seasoned and thrown onto a baking sheet.  along with quartered new potatoes and half a bag of frozen yellow beans, the four serving sized bag.

The potatoes and beans are tossed with some seasoning and a bit of olive oil. The pork gets rubbed with a rub which I created using Oriental flavors, and then brushed with hoisin sauce.  Everything cooks to perfection on the one pan.

This is a really tasty treat! 

Sheet Pan Roast Chicken Dinner

Sheet Pan Roast Chicken Dinner 

With this recipe the chicken gets a head start in the oven first and then you add the potatoes and vegetables afterwards.  Everything finishes at the same time. Easy peasy. 

This is a delicious Chicken dinner with perfectly cooked, tender and moist chicken,  with a crisp and flavour-filled skin and perfectly cooked vegetables on the side.  The potatoes have golden brown caramelised edges and the broccoli is wonderfully crispy tender. 

The mix of spices and herbs that you sprinkle over top really compliment everything, so each article although cooked the same and in the same time, come out tasting individually really nice. 


Sheet Pan Beef & Broccoli

Sheet Pan Beef & Broccoli 

I confess Beef & Broccoli is one of my favourite all time Chinese entrees!  This sheet pan version is a very quick, easy and simple way to make a tasty supper for two! 

No spatters to clean off the stove top, and no dishes to wash except for the eating ones?  Count me in! 

The lush sauce acts as a marinade, which helps to tenderise the meat and penetrate it with its gorgeous flavour. 

All you need is a bit of rice on the side and with those almost instant microwavable pouches of rice you can buy today, this dinner is a real doddle! 

Garlic & Brown Sugar Pork Chops

Garlic & Brown Sugar Pork Chops

I love the idea of using garlic and brown sugar to rub into these flavour-filled succulent pork chops.  It reminds me of my favourite Italian Brown Sugar Chicken Thighs. I have not made them in a long time. (Time to change that!)

The potatoes are chunked and tossed together with some oil and seasoning before scattering them on a foil lined baking sheet. This makes for no sticking, and again, an easy clean up afterwards. 

You can also add a peeled and chunked sweet potato as a substitution for half of the regular potato. Sweet potatoes go very well with pork.

The chops get massaged with a mix of the leftover oil from the potatoes, brown sugar and plenty of garlic.  And I do mean plenty.  Garlic and pork have a natural affinity for each other.

Baked to perfection you end up with perfectly seasoned and baked succulent pork chops and crispy golden potatoes.  This is good eating!


Sheet Pan Pumpkin Pie 

Sheet Pan Pumpkin Pie

I think of all the pumpkin pies I have made through the years I enjoyed this one most of all.  It was a bit different than the usual pumpkin pie.  I found the recipe on the Land O Lakes website and adapted it from there to British measurements, etc. 

I also cut the recipe in half to feed only two people with leftovers. But do make the full recipe if you want to feed more.

It has a beautiful velvety texture and the flavour was rich and full.  Making it with cream probably added to the richness and creaminess of the end result.

Blueberry & Lemon Sheet Pan Pancake

Blueberry & Lemon Sheet Pan Pancake

 Pancakes were not something we had very often when I was growing up. We had them once a year, for supper, on Shrove Tuesday.  They were a real treat. 

When my own children were growing up, I made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday for supper of course, and thenm anytime they had a friend stay over or on special occasions (like Birthdays) I would make them for breakfast.

If I had had a recipe as simple as this sheet pan pancake I think I might have made pancakes even more often, although I would have had to double the with my crew!  My two oldest boys would have gobbled this up all by themselves! 

Each quarter of the pancake Is drizzled with some lemon curd and then topped with a few blueberries prior to baking in a very hot oven.  After only 15 minutes bake time it is ready to serve . . . yummilicious!

Garlic & Brown Sugar Pork Chops

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  1. I'm a big fan of sheet pan dinners. It's so much less stressful than trying to juggle various saucepans and making sure your timing is right so it's all finished at the same time. These meals are really delicious, plus there's less washing up which is an added bonus.

    The Chicken Nachos is one that I know will be loved here as a Friday night meal. What a clever idea to use frozen french fries if one doesn't want the taco crunch.

    Thinking of you today and hoping that the move goes well and that you settle in to your new home.

  2. So many of these look very good! Your recipes are always spot on. I made your lemon icebox pie over the weekend for guests and it was a HUGE hit! With Rick and me, too. I'll definitely make it again!


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