Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Monday, 29 November 2021


Popular Christmas Decor 2021 

Image: Magnet
With Christmas around the corner, Kitchen design and retail specialists Magnet have predicted the top 10 festive kitchen decoration trends this year. 
From winter wreaths to festive crockery - here is how to turn the heart of your home into a luxury winter wonderland this Christmas! 



Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: Magnet / Lauren M Mills


Christmas wreaths are not only for your front door. In recent years, Magnet designers have witnessed an increase in popularity of displaying elegant wreaths inside the kitchen!

The most popular locations to adorn kitchen wreaths are on cabinet doors, kitchen windows, or on units above the hob or oven. However, it’s important you make sure wherever you place your wreath, it is safe and not at risk from setting alight.  

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: The Blushing Bungalow / ​​Nesting with Grace


The simple addition of a window garland can transform your kitchen into a festive haven this Christmas! 

Hanging faux (or real) greenery to the frame of your windows brings nature into your kitchen and creates a cosy aesthetic. You can add fairy lights, pine cones, berries or eucalyptus leaves​​ to further emphasis and fill out the feature. 

If you do not have any suitable windows to work with, you can attach garlands to the top of wall cabinets or doorways for a similar effect.  

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: Ella Claire Inspired / Home by Heidi 

Using jars you may already have in your kitchen to create a cute winter scene is a great way to subtly decorate your kitchen counters this Christmas. 

These are especially handy if you have young children or pets as it’s a safer way to display smaller ornaments which could be a choking hazard! 

To create your scene, first add a layer of white sugar to the base of the jar to replicate snow. You can then fill your jar with edible objects such as miniature gingerbread shapes or candy canes. 

Alternatively, you can choose to use small ornaments such as baubles or trees. Finish off the look by adding red ribbon to the handle of the jars!  

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021 

Images: Dining Delight / Life on Summerhill


For those who have an island in their kitchen (or a spare corner on their counter top), adding a DIY Christmas centerpiece is a great way to make your kitchen feel festive. Last Christmas, Magnet designers noticed a rise in interest for tiered centerpieces in particular - and predict the trend will continue this year! 

You can repurpose a tiered tray stand, by adding small festive objects such as pine cones, candles and ivy. Pick colours that compliment your kitchen's colour scheme or classic Christmas colours such as red and green.    

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: Home Bunch / Home Stories A to Z


If you have chairs or stools in your kitchen, adding simple decoration to the back of them will give your room a festive makeover. 

Foliage, ribbons or miniature wreaths are a great option for a sophisticated and stylish look.

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: Ella Claire & Co. / Donna Hay 


Gingerbread houses and Christmas cakes are made to be eaten - but they also are a great decorative piece to display in your kitchen. Thanks to these treats lasting over a week in most cases, they can be incorporated into your decor in the run up to Christmas. 

You can go as big or as small as you wish with this decor - and you can even get the kids involved. If you want over-the-top inspiration, every year, Kris Kardashian gifts her children lavishly decorated Gingerbread houses which they share online. If you do have yours on show and wish to eat it, make sure you cover it overnight to make it last longer and keep it fresh.  

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: It all started with paint / The Turquoise Home
Swap out your regular dishes and mugs with Christmas alternatives. 

From Santa and reindeer mugs to candy cane plates, you can display them on shelves or countertop corners to make your kitchen feel festive. Many find it fun to build their unique collection each year, by buying new or pre-loved pieces!  

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: My 100 Year Old Home / Blogs by Aria


As well as replacing your crockery, you can also swap your everyday kitchen textiles, like tea towels and oven mitts, with their seasonal Christmas counterparts! 

Having these on display is a useful and natural way to celebrate the festive season.  

Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Popular Christmas Decor 2021
Images: Soil Solutions Homestead / The Danes


Get into the Christmas spirit this year by making your very own dried potpourri. Not only will this decoration be beautiful to look at - it also will make your kitchen smell amazing! You can also assemble your potpourri into glass jars, and give it to family and friends as a festive gift.

You can make your potpourri to your own taste by choosing what ingredients to dehydrate and add. We recommend cinnamon sticks, essential oils, herbs, vanilla beans and dried fruits such as oranges. 

You can use your oven to dry the items out. Drying out your fruits will take the longest (up to 3 hours). Cut the oranges into 1-2cm slices and place them on baking paper in the oven. Start at 120°C and turn them up every half hour - they will start to develop a brown shade, but you must also keep a close eye on them regularly to judge when they are done. Too cool, put them on a metal cooling rack! 
Popular Christmas Decor 2021

Images: Sunny Side Up / Pinterest 


If you have a window ledge in your kitchen, you can create your very own winter village scene this Christmas - an increasingly popular trend! 

By assembling model homes in between faux Christmas trees, on a bed of cotton wool, you can build your very own winter wonderland. Not only will it look great from the inside of your home, you can spread the festive cheer as your neighbours will also get to see the scene too! 

Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet commented: 
“If you are using your kitchen as a hosting space, or just want to raise the cook’s spirits, there are many simple tweaks to festively spruce up the hub of your home. You can use resources like Magnet’s trending decor predictions above, or sites such as Pinterest, for sources of inspiration.

If you're looking for a more subtle nod to Christmas you can utilise popular Scandinavian decor. This minimalist trend incorporates natural elements such as foliage, paper and wood, along with classic Christmas colours such as red, green, gold or silver. Decorations tend to be sparse and made from natural materials and have a simple yet festive style. 

On the other end of the scale, you can choose a more maximalist approach to your decor. For this trend, there are no restraints to the use of colours and patterns to liven up your kitchen. 

The aim is to be bright, bold and eccentric, embracing the joy of the festive season. 
And last but not least, traditional Christmas decor is also another popular way to add some festive cheer to the heart of your home. This includes the use of Christmas colours and decorations such as garlands, candy canes, bells, wreaths and gingerbread houses for a decadent feel.”
Article Source: Magnet UK


  1. I do a lot of these! But my kitchen is too small to do all I'd like. And that's probably a good thing or it would look WAY too overdone! I love the little jars with the scenes. I've done that with lanterns but never in the kitchen and it's a great idea!

    1. I wish I had some real windows to do this on and a bigger place. I love all of these ideas. The jars with scenes are fabulous. They reminded me of Moniques scene in the lantern from last year! xoxo


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