Ten All Time Favorite French Toast Recipes

Sunday 18 September 2022

French Toast Recipe Round Up

No doubt about it when it comes to the weekend, most people like to pull out the stops a bit when it comes to breakfast and brunch.  There is no better way to do this than to prepare your loved ones a delicious hearty breakfast with French Toast and some bacon, or sausage or both.  A bit of Maple Syrup on the side and you can't ask for a more delicious breakfast! 

French toast at its very basic is a dish composed of stale bread soaked in a sweet, rich, eggy custard and then fried in butter until crisp and golden brown on the outside.  Kind of like a fried bread pudding. The insides all soft and soufflé like. The outside crisp and buttery. Altogether, the combination begging for lashings of some sweet syrup drizzled over top.

Its been called Eggy Bread, Pain Perdu (lost bread), Bombay Toast, Gypsy Toast and Poor Knights of Windsor.  A rose by any other name, it doesn't really matter what you call it, its delicious! And relatively simple to make as well!

Sweet or savory, it appears in the cuisine of almost every culture and is much beloved by all. When I was growing up it was a delicious alternative served for lunch on Fridays when many families did not eat meat.  My children looked forward to having it for a weekend breakfast.  There are some who enjoy it for dessert.

It is a really fabulous way to use up stale bread of any kind. You can turn almost anything into French Toast.  French or Italian Bread, Brioche, Croissants, buns, biscuits, etc. I have even turned donuts into French toast with success.  In short if it is even close to bread and stale and can soak up an egg custard easily, and lends itself to frying in butter, you can French toast it!

Today I am sharing my Ten Favorite Ways to make French Toast.  All are simple. All are delicious.  All are weekend worthy, or even holiday worthy!  Enjoy!

Buttermilk French Toast


BUTTERMILK FRENCH TOAST -Crisp on the outside and rich on the inside with a soufflé-like buttermilk custard that is oh so delicious! Thick slices of bread are soaked in a lemon and vanilla buttermilk custard and then left to sit on a wire rack over a baking sheet so that the custard has time to settle before frying in butter. Once fried to a crisp golden brown, the toast is baked for a few minutes longer in a moderate oven,

French Toast Fingers

FRENCH TOAST FINGERS - you can use any kind of crisp breakfast cereal to coat them. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp, etc. If it is crisp and be crushed it is perfect for this use. Using cereal like this to coat the French Toast Sticks also has the added appeal of being a tad bit naughty. Children love dipping these.

small batch oven french toast

SMALL BATCH OVEN FRENCH TOASTPerfect for serving with crisp bacon or breakfast sausage, or (dare I say it?) both! Not too sweet and perfectly spiced, this delicious recipe is sized for the smaller family. Small families deserve to eat delicious things without any waste!

Lemon French Toast

LEMON FRENCH TOAST WITH STRAWBERRIES & MAPLE SYRUPLemon is a wonderful fruit enhancer.  I adore the flavour of lemons and I try to incorporate them in a lot of my cooking.French toast, nicely flavoured with lemon and topped with delicious summer berries. This is quite simply fabulous!


PEACHES & CREAM FRENCH TOAST Nothing could be simpler or more delicious. You can also use sliced apple if you don't want to use peaches, or if you want a Peach Melba kind of finish, sprinkle it with a few fresh raspberries to serve. 

Hot Cross Bun French Toast

HOT CROSS BUN FRENCH TOAST - Oh my goodness. Rich and fruity, with a touch of orange liqueur. This is fabulously fluffy and delicious served with sausage, bacon and of course lashings of maple syrup.

Berry and cream croissant french  toast


BERRIES & CREAM CROISSANT FRENCH TOAST FOR TWO - Croissants, jam, cream cheese, eggs, fruit  . . .  what's not to love about that! You get flaky butter bits of croissant . . .  along with souflee-like bread pudding bits  . . .  interspersed with pockets of wild blueberry jam and nuggets of rich cream cheese  . . .  oh my goodness! Add a dollop or two of x-tra thick cream and some maple syrup to serve and you have died and gone to heaven.

Raspberry Bakewell French Toast

RASPBERRY BAKEWELL FRENCH TOAST A delicious breakfast take on the always popular Bakewell Tart.  Almond flavoured French Toast made with buttery croissants, topped with sugar crusted flaked almonds and served with a raspberry syrup.  Delicious!


PAIN PERDU WITH CREAM CHEESE & BLUEBERRY SYRUPS - A delicious Pain Perdu with Cream Cheese and Blueberry Syrups . . . the Pain Perdu, all crisp and golden on the outside . . . but creamy and custardy inside . . . served up hot and gilded with not one . . . but two fabulicious syrups. YES!! not just one . . . but TWO tasty syrups 

Lemon Raspberry French Toast

LEMON RASBERRY FRENCH TOASTQuite simply delicious with a lemon cream cheese and fresh fruit filling. This fabulous version of French Toast is perfectly sized for just two people but can easily be multiplied to serve more.

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