Exciting News!

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Do you all remember a while back when I was sent a lovely hamper and asked to create a special recipe using the ingredients in the hamper?? You can read more about that experience here.

I had a lot of fun with those ingredients (it really was a lovely hamper) and I came up with this tasty recipe for a A Spring Salad of Mixed Greens & Goats Cheese Bakewell "Truffles", with a cherry balsamic dressing.

I really enjoyed the challenge, and in a lot of ways it reminded me of my days working at the Manor and cooking for the Mr and Mrs there. I do miss it sometimes, so this was a wonderful opportunity for me to stretch my wings again and go out on a limb! (I do love doing that!)

Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese, quite happily has chosen me to be their first finalist in their Goat's Cheese Challenge! Yay me!! You can read all about that Here. My recipe is on their page and everything! To say that I am quite, QUITE thrilled is to say the least. I am simply over the moon, and honored to have been chosen!


Dear old Ethel has even blogged about it here! So I guess I can stop pinching myself now. It's actually true! I am in the running! It wasn't a dream!

Do pop on over and take a gander. It's a really cute site!

Many thanks to Ethel and the Capricorn Team for choosing lil' ol' me!! I can die happy now!


  1. WOW! That is wonderful news, Marie. Well done, and well deserved.

  2. This is exciting news! Congratulations, Marie!


    bet your family is so proud too:) Sounds like a great recipe!

  4. Brilliant news Marie,
    I'm so happy for you. Congratulations ;D

  5. excellent news Marie and well deserved! Wish I could taste this!


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