Cinnamon Roll Scones

Saturday 19 October 2013

 Cinnamon Roll Scones

I was going to show you my Pumpkin Fritters today with their Vanilla Caramel Sauce, but I'm afraid you are going to have to wait until tomorrow to see those.


I have something which is just a tiny bit more scrummy to share with you today!  (Although, the pumpkin fritters are exceptionally scrummy as well!)

Cinnamon Roll Scones

I am mad for cinnamon, which you have probably guessed by now.  I just adore it.   I love the way it smells.  I love the way it tastes, both in sweet and savory goodies.  

I love crafting with it (cinnamon ornaments on the Christmas tree at Christmas are the best!).  I just plain can't get enough of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

My mom used to make these Quick Cinnamon Rolls when we were kids as a treat.  We loved them.  I used to make them for my own children as well.   That was one way to put a smile on their faces big time!  

Then there is my infamous Cinnamon Swirl Tea Bread.   People can't get enough of that when I bake it.  It's an old recipe that I got from a very dear friend way back when and it's a keeper!  

Cinnamon Roll Scones

Don't even get me started on the finer qualities of my Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Cake.  Just a peek at the photographs are enough to set one to drooling big time, I kid you not!  

Cinnamon Roll Scones

My Cinnamon Butter Buns are to die for.  Likewise my Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.  Then there are my Cinnamon Roll Croissants, and my Cinnamon Roll Pluckit Bread . . . Cinnamon Roll Toast . . . etc.  the list goes on and on . . . You get the picture I am sure.  I am Cinnamon mad!  

Cinnamon Roll Scones

If there is one thing I like as much as Cinnamon and am crazy for . . . it is scones!  I love, Love, LOVE scones!  And I don't care how you say it!! 

 I'll eat them no matter how you pronounce the word!  A scone is a beautiful thing . . . 

Cinnamon Roll Scones

But when you combine the two loves . . . Cinnamon . . . and Scones, well . . . you've just died and gone to heaven.  There is no other way to put it.

Bake them.  Today.   You will be glad that you did.   And now back to your regular programming.  

Cinnamon Roll Scones

*Cinnamon Roll Scones*
Makes six
If you like cinnamon rolls, you will love these.  I like to think they are a bit healthy in that they use whole wheat flour.  Please don't burst my bubble. 

100g of plain flour (3/4 cup)
110g of whole wheat flour (3/4 cup)
2 TBS golden caster sugar (or maple sugar if you have it)
2 1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp salt
6 TBS cold unsalted butter
2 large free range egg yolk
60ml of buttermilk plus 2 TBS (1/4 cup, plus 2 TBS)
softened butter for spreading
1 TBS of powdered cinnamon
2 TBS golden caster sugar
for the frosting:
35g of icing sugar, sifted (1/4 cup)
1/2 tsp vanilla paste
1/4 tsp cinnamon extract
1 to 2 TBS milk   

Cinnamon Roll Scones 
Preheat the oven to 220*C/425*F/ gas mark 7.  Line a baking tray with baking paper.  Set aside. 

Whisk the flours, sugar, baking powder, soda and salt together in a bowl.  Drop in the butter and then rub it into the flour mixture with your fingertips until the butter is in little pea sized bits.  Whisk together the egg yolk and buttermilk.  Stir into the dry ingredients until the dough pulls together.  Tip it out onto a lightly floured surface and knead a couple of times, then pat the dough out into a 10 by 6 inch rectangle.  Spread lightly with softened butter.   Mix together the cinnamon and the sugar.   

Sprinkle about 2/3 of this mixture over top of the butter, pressing it lightly to help it adhere.  Roll up from the long side as if you were rolling up for a cinnamon roll.  Press the roll into a rectangle which is 10 inches long by 3 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches tall.  Cut in thirds and then cut each third in half diagonally into a triangle.  Transfer to the baking sheet.  Lightly butter the top of each triangle and sprinkle with the remaining cinnamon sugar. 

Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through the baking time.   The scone should be well risen and crisp on the outsides, and be lightly browned.   Remove from the oven.

Whisk together the icing ingredients until you have a thick yet drizzable icing.   Drizzle this decoratively over the scones.  Store any leftovers in an airtight container.


  1. I love your blog. Read every post, rarely comment. For that I'm sorry. Please, blog on Marie.

  2. Thanks Sheila! I plan on blogging as long as I am capable of it!

  3. Yum! I made some very like this a couple of weeks ago, they were completely delicious though they did kind of unravel in the oven! But that just meant a few small pieces to scoff while the rest cooled, so it's all good. Mine used the traditional heavy scone recipe of flour, butter and milk, so I wouldn't mind betting that the egg and probably the buttermilk too in yours hold them together a lot better.

  4. As you can see Jan, mine stayed very well together. I can say with authority too that the day after they are still rather scrummy! I had one for breakfast!

  5. Oh heavens - I am off to the kitchen this very moment! x

  6. I love this dear Marie look amazing and delicious hope you have a lovely weekend!

  7. they look and sound amazing, I used to make a quick cinnamon roll with a baking powder dough and they were yummy, these look ten times better!

  8. My daughter Leigh loves Cinnamon Rolls! Some weeks ago she asked if we could make some when she came round here (she only lives ten minutes walk away)and we intended to do that but for some reason it never materialised. She's on holiday right now but I'll keep this recipe for when she comes back on Friday, it'll be a lovely surprise for her!! Thanks Marie! xx

  9. Geesh..our names are on those beautiful things..still haven't made the PB ones..

    :) These look fabulous!

  10. I like this type of thing much better than real cinnamon rolls because you almost get instant gratification without having to wait for doughs to rise, etc. They are just as tasty, if not more, in my opinion! But then again, I am rather biased!

  11. These look divine - thanks so much for sharing, Marie.

  12. We love cinnamon roll anything!

  13. *jumping up and down* Cinnamon Scones!! These look so scrumptious!! You know how I adore scones, AND cinnamon, and these are perfect! And so fun looking! A tip: try refrigerating them for half an hour after shaping, right before they go in the oven. I read on a King Arthur Flour recipe that it helps them not flop over. Just scones in general. Worth a try! Pinned pinned PINNED!


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