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Thursday 31 October 2013

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I do get sent the cutest things.    I was recently sent these cute little cookery books published by hachette Printworks ltd.   They each contain 30 recipes.

The first one uses French's Mustard. 

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This recipe in it for Crabcakes looks really tasty!  There are a total of 30 different recipes for salad dressings, casseroles, sandwiches and dips etc.  All looking very delicious.

Next is one for French's BBQ sauce

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This recipe is for Braised BBQ Pork!  Doesn't that look delish??   I think it does!

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I have never thought of using BBQ sauce in a vinaigrette salad dressing before, but they have!
And it looks really tasty.  There are also recipes in this little book for stuffed peppers and steaks and chops, casseroles, etc.   A beautiful compendium.

In the third book the recipes use Frank's Redhot Sauce.  I always have a bottle of that in the cupboard and like to add a splash to lots of things.

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These Chicken Satay Skewers look absolutely delicious . . .

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Next up I am going to try the Spicy Cheese Toasts.   It sounds like a tasty version of Welsh Rarebit!  Watch this space!

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They are actually a part of a series of books being put out by Best Loved Recipes.  You can sign up for a subscription.   You get the first two for only 99p.   You can subscribe and pick up some free gifts for doing so, or you can pick them up at newsagents.  If you subscribe you get some free gifts with the first four deliveries.   You can read more about them here. 


  1. Franks Hot Sauce and French's Mustard are my favorite products in hot sauce and mustard.

    Cute books.

    lol....I'm on a cookbook diet. No kidding, I only buy them now if I can pick them up for .50 cents or a dollar.

    Reason being is that I have 8 shelves about 12 feet long, completely full of cookbooks.

  2. I love these cutes books Marie and adore little books:))

  3. Marie, these are very cute books and the recipes look delicious.
    Thanks for sharing!


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