Curried Spam Fried Rice

Tuesday 28 January 2014

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Spam was not something which we ever had when I was growing up.  I am not sure why that was.  We never had tinned meat of any kind except for deviled ham, which my mother sometimes bought to make our sandwiches for lunch with.  It came in a tin which was placed inside a paper wrapper decorated with little red devils.  I am not sure, but I think the devils somehow made it taste better!

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The one and only tme I can remember ever enountering Spam was at school.  A boy in my class wanted to trade his Spam sandwiches with my peanut butter ones.   I wouldn't trade because I did not know what Spam was and I was a bit afraid of trying something that I had never had before.   Besides, I really liked peanut butter.

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I was very lucky.  I grew up in a country that was untouched by war in my lifetime and I had a father with a really good job.  People over here in the UK have not been that lucky.     Having been through two World Wars, and rationing, etc.  tinned meat is something which has pretty much been a staple on family tables for a long time.

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I am ashamed to say I had never eaten it until I came over here, but I have to say . . . I quite like it actually!  You can buy the low fat one, and so it's not all that bad for you.  It's economical and quite tasty.   I made Spam Fritters last year and they were delicious.  When I saw a recipe recently on  I just had to bookmark it to try here at home.  It looked really tasty.

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I changed it a tiny bit.  I made use of store cupboard ingredients and used a pouch of the already cooked Uncle Ben's brown basamati rice that I always have in the cupboard and I added some shredded savoy cabbage both for colour and taste.  We like cabbage in our fried rice.

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I also grated my carrot instead of cutting it into chunks, which meant it cooked much faster.   I was going to add some grated swede, but forgot.   Oh, and pineapple chunks.  I thought they would be really good, but it was bucketing down and the pineapple was out in the shed.  I didn't fancy getting wet.  But I reckon some pineapple chunks would go really well in this.  

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In any case, I really hope that you will try this.  It's really, REALLY tasty and is now on our favourite list as Casa de Rayner.  I spose you could use leftover ham if you wanted to, but the Spam was really tasty.  In fact I am craving it again already.   I know . . . I'm such a glutton.

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*Curry Spam Fried Rice*
Serves 4

This is delicious.   It's also quick and very easy to throw together.   A fabulous simple supper. 

2 large free range eggs, eaten with 1 TBS cream
olive oil for cooking
1 small tin of low fat Spam, chilled and diced
1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
1 banana shallot, peeled and finely chopped
1 fat clove of garlic, peeled and finely chopped
1 medium carrot, peeled and grated coarsely
six savoy cabbage leaves, heavy centre veins trimmed away and discarded,
and cabbage thinly sliced (Roll up tightly and slice, easy peasy)
salt and black pepper to taste
1 heaped tsp of curry powder
1 (2 serving) sized pouch of ready cooked rice or 1 1/2 cups cooked rice
2 tsp dark soy sauce
a handful of frozen petit pois 

Beat the eggs and cream together.  Coat a large skillet lightly with olive oil and heat.   Dump in the eggs and quickly scramble them.  Remove the scrambled egg to a bowl and keep warm.  Add a bit more oil to the pan.   Add the spam and brown it well on all sides.   Scoop out and keep warm with the egg.  Add the chopped onions, garlic and shallot.   Cook to wilt and then add the carrots and cabbage.   Cook, stirring, until wilted.   Add the curry powder, salt, pepper and soy.   Stir in the rice and return the eggs and spam to the pan.   Stir in the frozen peas.  Heat through.  Check for seasoning and adjust as necessary.  Serve hot.

Did you know that the 3rd to the 9th March 2014 is Spam Appreciation week?  Neither did I, but it's official.  2014 is going to be a fab year to remember for the iconic meat SPAM ® Chopped Pork and Ham, as  the Monty Python gang reunite, and a whole new generation of people get to enjoy their humor and acquaint themselves with their favourite meat!  This is no better time to realize just how unique, tasty and versatile SPAM with it's incredible 75+ year history can be.

To honor and celebrate this special week, fans are again being asked to demonstrate their love of SPAM ® by uploading a video, photo, drawing, or even writing a short sentence to show their appreciation of SPAM ® products.  There are five theatre wekeend breaks to be won courtesy of Show and Stay, plus 100 runner up prizes.   The competition opened on the 20th of January and will be closing on the 28th February, 2914.  The best entries will then be displayed on
www. for appreciation.

Here's the video that won last year's competition.

A few facts about SPAM®

  • More then seven billion cans of SPAM products have been opened since it's launch in 1937
  • They may only be islands, but Hawaii and Guam go crazy for the stuff.  In Aloha State more than 7 million of the products are sold per year and Hawaii even hosts its own SPAM JAM festival in Honolulu.  While in Guam an average of 16 SPAM ® products are consumed by every person per year.
  • SPAM ® Chopped Pork and Ham is made from more than 90% prime shoulder pork and ham.
  • Clebrity SPAM® fans include James May and Heston Blumenthal.
  • In South Korea, SPAM ® Chopped Pork and Ham is considered a gourmet delicacy and is often given as a gift.
So now you know it all!

SPAM ®, it's not just a fad to follow . . . it's dinner.


  1. I can't believe I'm about to say this about Spam, but this dish looks DELICIOUS, Marie!
    I think I'm going to whip up a batch tonight!

  2. I had my doubts the whole time I was making it but... It was delicious! Very much comfort food. My only sub was regular cabbage for savoy. It made a ton so I'll have lunches for several days. I will make it again. Thank you!

  3. Colette, I hope you do make it and you like it too!

    Jane! So glad you made it and then took the time to come back and let us know how much you enjoyed it! Thank you! xxoo

  4. Marie~ I've been reading your blog for a while now. I came across it when I was looking for some gluten free recipes for my cealic granddaughter. I read it now because I'm obsessed with English anything. I actually had a "Downton Abbey" finale party last year~ I got some idea from your blog. It's hard since I live on the North Shore of the most isolated group of islands in the world, Hawaii. So your recent post about our beloved SPAM made me laugh. You're right Hawaii is #1 when it comes to Spam consumption. It's at every fast food restaurant as a breakfast meant, Spam, scrambles eggs and rice. Spam musubi is a take along snack for school kids, etc. After reading your post, I counted 10 different kinds of Spam on our grocery shelf!
    Your fried rice is very much like what we'd find in restaurants here, except no curry, we use soy-sauce (shoyu). Maybe add green onions and sliced kamaboku (fish cake). Just wanted you to know that even someone so far away reads your blog. I have a blog…Northshorenotes@blogspot. about our life here in Waialua, Hawaii. Aloha

  5. Jane, how nice to meet you! Aloha! I am sitting here imagining what the 10 different kinds of Spam might be? We have three here I think. The regular one. The light one and one with Bacon in it as well. There is some soy in the recipe, albeit not a lot. It was gorgeous. I will pop over to your page when I get a chance! Thanks so much for your comment! xxoo

  6. teriyaki, light, low-salt, jalapeño, hickory, turkey, bacon, classic, hot and spicy and a special Hawaii only can.

    We're also LDS.


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