Sweets for the sweet . . .

Wednesday 22 January 2014

I do get sent the nicest things.  I am always happy to try something new and when that something is chocolate . . .  well, what can I say??  I am in seventh heaven!

I was recently sent  the Prestat 40g Heart Box Assortment to taste, just in time for Valentines Day, the day of love and for sweethearts everywhere.

It contains three beautiful little chocolates as you can see here. Rice Crisp Nougat, Dark Chocolate Truffle and a Passion Fruit Fondant. Beautiful to look at . . .pretty in pink and what a cute box.


Delicious to the taste.  I did not share.  Yes, I was greedy, but what's a gal to do?   I'm only human after all!

Heart Box Assortments, from £6

The Prestat Heart Boxes come in a variety of sizes starting at £6.50 for the one which I was sent.  I'll be honest here . . . I wouldn't mind having a bigger one!  *Hint* to the Toddster.  Valentine's day is just round the corner . . . diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but Chocolate comes a very close second!

A bit of history.

In 1902, a chocolate shop called Prestat was opened in London by descendants of Louis Dufour, the man who created the world’s first recorded chocolate truffle. · Prestat’s reputation for making exquisite handmade chocolates quickly spread and before too long, maharajas, sultans, presidents and stars of the stage and screen had all experienced the delight that only the finest chocolate can bring.

Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was a particularly good customer, and in his autobiographical recipe book, Memories of Gypsy Corner, he wrote, “I also adore so-called truffles…as Prestat makes them.” · Prestat’s quintessential Mints and their Rose and Violet Crèmes were Her Majesty The Queen Mother’s favourite chocolates. Both The Queen Mother and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted the business a Royal Warrant and Prestat chocolates continue to be served at every major state banquet. 

 Ever since Bill Keeling and his half-brother, Nick Crean, bought the business in 1998, Prestat has enjoyed one of the most exciting chapters in its history. In 2011, Prestat began selling chocolates in the USA. 

Prestat is one of the few British artisan chocolatiers to make all its own chocolates – giving it complete control of recipes and the sourcing of ingredients as well as the opportunity to nurture the traditional skills needed to create its handcrafted chocolates.

Prestat's iconic packaging has been designed by the artist and illustrator, Kitty Arden and Prestat Chocolates have won no less than seven Gold great taste awards over the past two years.  High accolade indeed!

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