Not food . . . but bathrooms . . .

Saturday, 19 April 2014

 photo Original_Small-Bathroom-Storage-Sarah-Barnard-Prindle_s3x4_al_zpsec91d19e.jpg

I just fell in love with these bathroom pictures. There is just  something about them. I love marble. I love pretty wallpaper.

 photo imagesCAJFQU4O_zps7d54f223.jpg

I love modern shapes mixed with traditional things.

 photo download_zps27e48b33.jpg

I love furniture chests used as sink counters.

But looking at these pictures now, I don't know that I could live with any of them  A bit too fussy perhaps??  I guess I really  just want something simple and clean - that doesn't look like it would take two hours to clean. What do you think? Too fussy? Or glam and fabulous?

There's no doubt about it however that mirrored furniture can make any bath look larger and more fabulous.  Mirrors just have a way of opening up a room like nothing else can.


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