A Guide to the Great British Roast

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Great British Roast

One of the most iconic British dishes is the ‘Sunday Roast’ or ‘Sunday Dinner’. It’s definitely a good reason to look forward to Sundays and can be great if you have a lot of people coming round and you need to cook a large amount of food. Just a note, a Sunday Roast is also great comfort food for those more lonesome times if you’re feeling a little more introvert.  

Traditional Sunday Roast 

A Sunday Roast usually consists of roast potatoes, stuffing, mash, roasted meat, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and vegetables. But every household may have their own version or different trimmings to their taste. Although they are not seasonal you may choose to accompany meat with vegetables that are in season. A Sunday Roast can be cooked any day of the week but traditionally is cooked on a Sunday. BBC Good Food have some great recipes that will inspire you to decide on your roast and choice of ingredients.  

rib roast    

Buying Your Ingredients

You can buy ingredients for a Sunday Roast from any large supermarket or even better if you have a local butcher in your area. Usually, it can be better to buy a bigger piece of meat and eat any leftovers the next day or two.  

Important Cookware

All you need to create this great British classic dish is durable roasting tins and roasting dishes. Check out Viners for some great products perfect for cooking your Sunday roast. When buying your meat and ingredients take into account the size of your roasting tins and dishes to ensure you are purchasing the right size.

Roast beef dinner    

Cooking Your Meat
You can look online for tips or even better ask your butcher for advice on cooking your meat as they will have tips on the best ways to cook different types. You could also do the same to find out how best to season your meat and which herbs would go well for example, rosemary goes well with lamb whereas oregano and thyme go nicely with beef. Take a look at the Tesco website to watch a video on how to cook a simple Roast Dinner.  

So, enjoy your Sunday and invite friends and family round to impress and try out your roast. Just don’t forget to rest the meat once it’s cooked to make sure that it’s juicy and tasty! Let us know reasons why you love Sunday Roasts and what you use to make them.


  1. Oh yum! there's nothing better that the British Roast! great tips:)

  2. My family love a roast dinner. More often than not it is midweek as getting everyone together on the weekend is difficult. For Pip it is chicken, for Will it is lamb, for Beth almost any roast will do. I loathe pork and even roast that for them. For Will, mum and me a Yorkshire pudding is the best treat. I cook them rarely as the family recipe asks for snow and in Queensland!

    Another great thing is that once it is prepped and in there is not a lot to do.

    Tonight I stuffed a lemon inside the bird as I was in a hurry and didn't want to stuff it. For some reason the gravy tasted awful.

  3. I often stuff mine with lemon and garlic Suzan, but I don't use the pan juices to make gravy in that case. I just use Bisto then!

    You need to try my Yorkshire pudding recipe. It was my ex father in laws and he was an army cook. It's the best!

    I like a roast dinner any which way, but I think a good roast Prime Rib of beef is my favourite!

  4. My favorite thing to eat is my mother-in-law's chicken roast dinner (she is English and lives in Eastbourne.) My father-in-law does the roast potatoes and chooses the white wine to go with the meal. YUM. This is making me hungry!

  5. Kay, I think a well roasted chicken is a beautiful thing to behold and to eat! Love my roasties too!!


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