Crumpet BLT's

Sunday 4 May 2014

Crumpet BLT's  

Crumpet BLT's. This is not smashed avocado on toast.  This is not smashed avocado on toast with egg.  This is one of the most delicious things I have made for us to eat however.

This is such a simple idea, however delicious, but I am betting you haven't thought of doing it yet yourself, or maybe you have.  Forgive me for being presumptuous if you have 

Crumpet BLT's  

We love crumpets in this house . . . grilled until toasty golden brown and then spread with lashings of butter.

The butter melting and nestling into all of those crisp golden nooks and crannies.  

It is impossible to eat them without getting your fingers and chin all buttery.  They are sooooo good!  If you don't love them you just ain't human!  

Crumpet BLT's  

Yesterday I had a craving for a BLT . . .  you know . . .  that internationally known favorite sandwich!!

That sandwich which consists of toasted bread, mayonnaise, crisp bacon, lettuce and ripe tomatoes, all sandwiched deliciously together!  

There was not a slice of bread to be found in the house . . .  how did that happen?  

Crumpet BLT's  

I did have a packet of crumpets however. If you know me at all, you know I am the type of person that would never let a thing such as having no bread stop them from going for it.

 I decided to stretch the boundaries of the traditional BLT and do us Crumpet BLT's!!  

Crumpet BLT's  

Of course these are BLT's that you need to eat with a knife and fork. Not traditional,  but they were so good.   

The crumpets all toasted yeasty as the base . . .  slathered with a pesto mayonnaise I created from scratch.

I am not a real fan of pesto eaten straight up, but mixed with mayonnaise it mellows out and bit and becomes much more palatable to me. 

Crumpet BLT's 

And topped with fresh baby lettuce leaves, sliced ripe tomatoes and crispy fried bacon . . .  sooo delicious.   So tasty.   So easy and quick to make.   

We both tucked in quite happily to these.  I think I discovered a new favourite.  What do you think?   

Are you up for them?  I sure hope so, coz they are . . .

Crumpet BLT's 

*Crumpet BLT's*
Serves 2

The quantities given are for two people, but can easily be multiplied up or down.   Deliciously different fork and knife BLT.  Simple and easy.

2  crumpets
4 rashers of streaky bacon grilled to desired doneness
and kept warm
several ripe tomatoes, thickly sliced
a handful of baby salad leaves
Black pepper and sea salt if desired
For the Pesto Mayonnaise:
2 dessertspoons of low fat good quality mayonnaise
(or regular if you are not bothered)
1 tsp of prepared Basil Pesto    

Crumpet BLT's

Have all of your ingredients assembled and ready to go.  Whisk the mayonnaise and pesto together.  Cut your bacon rashers in half crosswise.  Slice your tomatoes.   

Toast your crumpets under the grill/broiler until crisp and lightly golden brown.  Place onto heated plates and spread each with half of the mayonnaise.  Top with the lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes.   
Grate a bit of sea salt and black pepper over top if desired.  Finally lay the bacon over top.  Tuck in.   

Crumpet BLT's  

But that's not all I like to do with my crumpets you know . . . 
Crumpet BLT's  

Sometimes I go all "Elvis" on them and enjoy them with peanut butter, honey and bacon . . .  you haven't lived until you have tried that!  Seriously! 

Crumpet BLT's

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  1. that is a perfect lunch or dinner - inspired use of crumpets!

  2. Thanks Mary, we quite enjoyed them!

  3. I have never tried crumpets But that sure sounded good.....I am trying to watch my waist line But all it does is seem to grow the wrong way. So hard to lose weight when you get older so there is were I am at. Oh well better to be that way than sickly ....really do enjoy all your recipes...keep up the good works.

  4. Sadly I am in the same place Vera! It's a lot tougher to lose weight when you are older. Thank you for your kind words! xx

  5. A combo of two of my fave things. BLT and CRUMPETS!! Great idea.

  6. wow how many ways to eat the yummy crumpets!! :)
    i add your blog, please add mine too to yours! this is my link

  7. Would you kindly post a Crumpet recipe? I live in the USA, and haven't heard of them. This BLT looks wonderful.

  8. Thank you tealady!

    Grace, crumpets are always a tasty thing to have in the freezer. If you have crumpets, you have a meal!

    Homeschool mom I will try to do that sometime this week!

    Thanks everyone. xx


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