Just look at what I created!

Friday 23 May 2014

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I just have to show you what I recently received via the Post.  Yep that is a cookbook that was created using some of my favourite recipes here on the blog!  Don't you just love the cover?  I know! Sooo cute!   It's a nice size (A4) with a hard back glossy cover and ring binding, perfect for laying out flat to read and cook from.

  photo SAM_4766_zps10b8da2e.jpg

There is a complete index of recipes with their titles and page numbers . . .

 photo SAM_4767_zps932e508a.jpg

And included on each page, along with the recipe there are lovely recipe photos (my own of course) as well as highlighted handy tips . . .

 photo SAM_4765_zps6d3ec1af.jpg

As well as handy keys stating serving size and prep and cooking times!  Plus it's been published in France, not in China.  (That's a real plus in my books!)

And where did I get this you ask?   Why it was created myself on the Gourmandize UK-Ireland site.

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If you have a blog, or you like a blog, or you even like recipes and want to, you can very easily create your own book too.

Gourmandize books are designed by you. As such, they are perfect for Mothers and Fathers Day, birthdays, Christmas, graduations, retirement parties and even just for yourself to cuddle like a proud parent and then place on your shelf, where you can gaze at it admiringly every time you walk past!!

For more information do check out Gourmandize UK-Ireland.  It's easier than you think!  Right now they have a Limited Time offer on as well!  

Right now you can:

Sign up and receive a voucher code to create one free cookbook with your personal recipes! (See below *)

From 10 recipes to make a small A5 format book

From 25 recipes make the classic square format

And from only 40 recipes you can make the A4 Deluxe Edition - each format entirely free incl. p&p!    

* We are offering free cookbooks to promote the launch of our site, limited to one book per member. Sign up to receive a voucher code valid for 90 days after registration to make your free book. Books are available from a minimum of 10 original recipe submissions to the site. The format you can order cost-free is determined by the number of recipe submissions to the site. After this offer our cookbooks will be available via purchase only. This is an offer to aid the promotion of our site.


  1. This is fabulous Marie! It seems so efficiently put together to accommodate the cook. Well done you! The picture is beautiful too. I love making fondant roses. Each one can be so different as you model them. Congratulations! You deserve to be proud. xx

  2. That's fantastic! It's the perfect way to keep track of your favourite, tried-and-true recipes. I may have to do that for mine and the hubby's faves.

    *whisper* If you publish, people will buy....I know I would! :-)

  3. You must have smiled out loud!
    It is so cute..and I know the recipes are great.
    An heirloom:)

  4. Thank you Jeanie, I loved receiving this. It's pretty and its cute. I love pretty and cute!

    Mrs Numbles, if you only knew how long I have been hoping for a cookbook deal. Far too long. I wish I knew how to go about getting one. Some day perhaps.

    Thanks Monique! I did smile out loud! SOL! Love it!

  5. Amazing dear! Im so proud of you and im pretty sure you are happy and yes I think is really cute:)))
    You are amazing Marie!

  6. I think you are pretty amazing too Gloria! Love you! xxoo

  7. Lovely idea, and that cover is great.

  8. Marie, That is just beautiful. I can imagine all the time it took for you to make. I've thought about making one then put it on the back burner of my brain. I'm not the cook you are, just a home cook. Congratulations! xo Jenny

  9. Thanks Jenny! I am sure you are a much better cook than you think! xx

    Thanks Tracey! I love the cover too! xx

  10. Wow, this just blows me away!
    Will you be a guest on The Graham Norton Show or something?
    Be kind to the person in the red chair, okay? ;-)
    Seriously, I am proud of you, you would think you were my child or something!!

  11. Kay, you make me laugh! haha Love Graham Norton. I would be afraid to sit in the red chair though. I don't think I'd have an interesting enough story to tell!


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