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Thursday 15 May 2014

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British Sandwich week is running this year from the 11th to the 17th May.  To help celebrate the occasion and make the humble British sandwich just that but more special,  The English Provender Co, has come up with a few lunchtime tips and tricks.

With a number of classic chutneys including Caramelized Red Onion, Ploughman's Plum, Sweet tomato & Chilli and Moroccan Spiced Chutney. the English Provender Co. has the perfect filling for the perfect British sandwich!

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Match up The English Provender Co's chutneys with the following suggestions to experience them all at their best:

  • Caramelized Red onion - Cheddar cheese, ham and ciabatta
  • Ploughman's Plum - Mature cheddar cheese and ciabatta
  • Sweet Tomato & Chilli - Goat's cheese, beef and smoked ham
  • Moroccan Spiced - Mild cheddar cheese and various cold meats, including roast chicken or lamb
  • Apple, Pear & Fig -  Blue Cheese and unsmoked ham  

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And if chutney isn't your thing - The English Provender Co. has a selection of tasty condiments, which can be added for flavoursome meat pairings:

  • Bramley Apple Sauce with Calvados - A delicious sauce made from the finest apples with a hint of apple brandy.  The ultimate accompaniment for roast pork, sausages, duck or game.
  • English Mint Sauce with Balsamic Vinegar - An aromatic sauce with freshly picked mint and the subtle flavour of balsamic vinegar.  A natural choice for roast lamb.
  • Grated Hot Horseradish - Add kick to your roast beef with this hot sauce.  Alternatively add to crème fraiche for a hot and fiery dip.  If you're partial to a Bloody Mary add some horseradish sauce for a bit of a kick!  
  • Redcurrant Sauce with Rosemary - A deliciously rich sauce with a touch of tasty rosemary.  Pair with duck or lamb.
  • Seafood Sauce with Sunblush Tomatoes - A tangy sauce to add flavour to fish, prawns or crab.
  • Tartare Sauce - The perfect accompaniment for a wide range of fish dishes including salmon.
  • Wild Cranberry Sauce - The classic and traditional choice for turkey. 

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*Grilled Apple, Bacon and Cheese Sarnie*
Make as many as you like or think you can eat
Printable Recipe

Ingredients vary according to how hungry you are or how much you like. Know only for sure that it is delicious!

two slices of sturdy bread (you choose, white, whole wheat, grainy, etc.)
cooked back bacon
a strong farmhouse cheddar cheese, cut into slices
a granny smith apple, washed, cored and cut into thin slices
Honey Dijon mustard
softened butter for spreadin on the outsides

Take your bread and spread both slices on the insides with some of the mustard, spreading it as thin or thick as you prefer. Top one slice with the cheddar cheese and bacon. Top the other one with the thinly sliced apple. Press both slices together with the ingredients on the insides. Butter the outsides, top and bottom.

Heat a nonstick frying pan over medium low heat. Place the sandwich in, apple side on the bottom, and butter to the pan. Cook gently over low heat until the bread is nice and toasty. Flip over and toast slowly on the other side until the cheese melts.

Note - You cannot rush a grilled cheese sandwich. Slow and steady over a low temperature is the key, oh and patience. That also helps. A tasty sandwich is it's own reward!    

Note:  Instead of the Honey Dijon mustard why not try using one of the delicious English Provender Co's chutneys!  The Apple Pear & Fig would be gorgeous!


*World's Best Bacon Sarnie*
Makes 1
Printable Recipe

I am giving the quanities to make one here, but it is easily multiplied to make much more. I know this is a bold statment, calling this the World's Best . . . but just make one and try it out. I think you'll agree! This IS the best! It will be love at first bite!

4 rashers of good quality free range organic smoked back bacon
2 slices of good quality white bread (you don't want the bread to compete with the flavours here,
only to enhance)
softened butter
2 medium free range organic eggs
1 slice of cheddar cheese (I used Simply Inspired's sliced medium cheddar with Roasted Red Onions,
fabulous darling, simply fabulous!)
Lashings of Brown Sauce (optional)

Lightly spray a large nonstick skillet with some oil and heat. Once it is hot add the rashers of bacon and pan grill them, until done to your preference. It shouldn't take too long. I like the fat along the edge to be a bit crispy, so I hold it up with the tongs so that the fat is just hitting the pan and I get it really crispy that way. Place in a warm oven to keep warm, whilst you cook the eggs. Wipe your pan out and melt a bit of butter in the pan over medium heat. Once the butter begins to foam, crack in the two eggs. Cook on one side, until the edges are just beginning to crisp, then flip it over and cook the second side for about 20 seconds. Slap on a slice of cheddar cheese, dividing it between the two eggs. Allow to melt.

Butter the bread and then place one slice on a plate, buttered side up. (You don't want to toast the bread. Part of the appeal of this sarnie is the way the bread is all soft and squishy) Top with a bit of brown sauce if using. Place the bacon on top and then finally put the eggs on top of the bacon, cheese side up. Top with the other slice of bread, buttered side down. Cut in half, kick your feet up and enjoy!

Note:  Why not try something different instead of brown sauce.  The Caramelized Red Onion Chutney would be the perfect pairing with this!

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And of course all of the chutneys would be perfect with the Traditional Ploughman's Lunch.   Seriously and tradtionally scrummy!  In particular I would recommend their Plum & Bramley Apple as the perfect pairing!

I am a big fan of The English Provender Co's products.  (Love LOVE their lemon curd and ginger lemon curd!)  To find out more about them and what is available do check out their home page here.  

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