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Monday 7 December 2015

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 Do you like sandwiches?   My Aunt Freda loved sandwiches and so do I. They are one of my many weaknesses!  I was really excited to receive this latest cookbook for review . . .  "Build Your Own Sandwich," by Vicki Smallwood.

Have you ever wanted to take your sandwich making to a new and higher level???  My answer is a resounding YES!  Build Your Own Sandwich promises to help you do just that!

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This book is split into four sections:  Bread, Topping, Filling and Sauce
When I say split, I mean it literally.  Do you remember playing with those paper games when yo were a child where the pages were split up into sections and you could switch them to change heads, torsos and bottoms?  This book works on the same premise, with each section being totally separate cutouts that you can flip and switch to put together different breads, toppings, fillings and sauces.

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First you choose your bread and there are quite a few options to choose from.  (I have chosen a ciabatta here.)

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Then you choose your topping.   I chose Fried Bananas, over to the left on the back of the previous flip sheet, you will find instructions on how to make this topping.

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Next up, your filling.  I chose Roast Turkey and Stuffing.  Again, amounts and instructions are on the back of the previous flip sheet.

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Finally there is the sauce, which would be the bottom of whatever bread you chose, topped by a sauce.  In this instance I chose Pineapple Jam.  Again, amoungs and instructions are to the left.

So I have a Banana Topped Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich on a Ciabatta Roll with Pineapple Jam.  Sounds tasty eh!  I thought so at any rate!

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Also included are basic recipes for ingredients such as Mayonnaise and different breads and rolls.  There are also combo suggestions to get your creative juices flowing!  How about the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich?   Fried egg, with slow cooked sausages, bacon and onion jam on a toasted Brioche.  Sounds tasty!    Or a Banh Mi, which is Vietmanese pork with pickled carrots on French Bread with a tangy mayo.   The combinations are endless!

Included also are a How to Use page, Dietary Information, Top Tips and a full Index of all the recipes included.

It's beautiful photography and clever format will be sure to inspire endless mouthwatering sandwich combinations, with tasty Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free and Dairy Free options to choose from!

This would make a brilliant Christmas Gift for the Sandwich lover on your Christmas List!

Vicki Smallwood is a food stylist, recipe developer, home economist and author.  She has written cookbooks on a variety of subjects including ice cream, vegetarian cooking, healthy cooking and bread machine baking.  She lives in London, UK.

Build Your Own Sandwich
more than 60,000 sandwich combos
by Vicki Smallwood
Published by Apple Press
(An imprint of Quarto Publishing)
ISBN - 978-1-84543-632-2
RRP £9.99

Many thanks to Quarto  for sending me this book to review.  I really like it and it is a book I will go to often for sandwich inspiration!


  1. Ooh that looks good I get stuck in the rut of the same old sandwiches x (reminds me of the book you got when you were little of the different head, body and legs that you could mix up lol)

  2. I have just received a copy of this book and I can't wait to use it! Sandwiches are great and a part of our everyday life... goodbye to ham and cheese hello whatever this book has to offer!

  3. Lisa, you are in for a real treat! Over 60,000 of them! haha


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