More Dough for Your Dosh with Papa John's

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Pizza delivery company Papa John's has just launched their new ‘Papa’s Deep Crust’. Papa’s Deep Crust is almost double the depth of a regular Papa John’s pizza and is cooked in a specially designed pan, using an extra cup of cheese compared to other Papa John’s pizzas.

It also features a specially developed tomato sauce, and as an even tastier treat; it’s now on offer until 26th November 2017 priced from £10.99 from Papa John’s outlets nationwide.

Papa John's prides itself on using fresh ingredients, ensuring the use of fresh never froen dough.  The specially formulated recipe features a buttery seared crust for fuller flavour and a light and fluffy deeper dough, almost double the depth of a regular Papa John's Pizzas cooked in a specially designed pan to offer an even more indulgent taste than before.

A new recipe tomato sauce has also been created, using Californian vine-ripened tomatoes which go from field to can in six hours. Added to this is a blend of signature spices and extra virgin olive oil which are then reduced to create a richer tasting sauce, complementing the new thicker base perfectly.

 Every ‘Papa’s Deep Crust’ pizza uses an extra cup of cheese, which is spread all the way to the edge of the dough to create a caramelised, crispy cheese crust. Each pizza is then completed with all the favourite pizza toppings, including fresh “store cut” vegetables.

We were asked if we would like to try the new pizzas and I can tell you they did not have to ask us twice.  We love Papa John's Pizza and it is normally the pizza I order when we do a takeaway pizza.  Deep dish?  With more of that delicious crust, a special sauce and extra cheese????  Bring it on!!

We were sent two pizzas to try.  "The Works" and "Cheese & Tomato."  Both looked gorgeous, and came with that signature hot pepper and garlic sauce dip.  Doesn't this look fantastic??

 And they smelled just as good as they looked . . .  but what about the taste.  Did they deliver on the promise?

The toppings were generous . . .  with just the right amount of meats, peppers, onions and peppers. Yes, that sauce was really gorgeous.  I have always felt that a good sauce "makes" a pizza.  If you have a bad sauce, your pizza will be just blah.  This sauce delivers plenty of flavour!  And this was especially noticeable in the Tomato & Cheese pizza. There was lots of cheese without it being over the top.  Far too often pizza shops are stingy with the sauce and cheese.  This was perfect!

The crust was really nice.  Not doughy at all.  At least we did not think it was.  The edges were crisp and the dough soft and light with a done just right bottom.  It was substantial without being stodgy.

I have to say up front that Todd has never really been a pizza fan.  He usually tolerates them on my behalf because I am a tru blu Pizza lover.  He declared this the best pizza he had ever eaten and he said it was quite enjoyable. High praise indeed coming from him.  I, of course, adored it.  We both gave them The English Kitchen's Two Thumbs Up.  These were really good pizzas, and, as has always been my experience with Papa John's,  they arrived with perfect timing and were nice and hot.

‘Papa’s Deep Crust’ can be ordered with all the toppings available in the original Papa John’s range, including ‘half and half’ and ‘create your own’. An even tastier treat, the new ‘Papa’s Deep Crust’ is on offer until 26th November 2017 priced from £10.99 (including ‘create your own’ with up to four toppings) from Papa John’s outlets nationwide - making it a deep-lightful addition to a night in relaxing in front of the TV.

Disclaimer Note - We were sent two pizzas from Papa John's free of charge to try out, but were not required to give a positive review in return.  Any and all opinions are our own. We simply loved them!


  1. Those pizzas look delicious, I love Papa Johns but sadly don't have one near to where I live now x

    1. Bummer Emma! These are really good! I hope you get to try them someday!

  2. We have never been fans of Papa John's, except for their garlic cheese knots. We have a favorite pizza place, Mazzio's. It is a smaller chain, only in about 4 states. We love their pizza. Their sauce is the best.

    1. I suppose it is all a matter of taste Raquel. Back home our favourite pizzas are the ones we get from my cousin's place, Pizza Factory and there is only one of those! For a large international chain pizza, Papa John's is my favourite.


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