Quaker Oats to Go

Friday 29 September 2017

Quaker has recently launched a new range of products!  "Quaker Oats to Go" is a range of on-the-go breakfast options that can be enjoyed whilst on the move.  You can tackle your morning activities with confidence and vigor, safe in the knowledge that your breakfast is totally taken care of.  

With these new Quaker Poridge to Go Squares and Quaker Fruit and Oat Squeeze, there is no need to compromise when it comes to your breakfast choice, because you simply don't have the time. Created from the mighty oat sunonymois with Quaker, you are guaranteed a tasty start to your day that won't slow you down.

Quaker Fruit & Oat Squeeze is a combination of yoghurt, fruit and oats with no added sugars.   A great source of fibre, you can choose between three flavours.  Apple & Cinnamon.  Blueberry.  Red Fruits.   

What I think:  They are not overly sweet, with a pudding like consistency.  Served chilled they weren't too bad.  I think children would love these and they would be great for that child you have a hard time getting out of bed on school  mornings.  They could grab one of these on their way out the door and eat them while on their way to school.   My favourite was the Apple & Cinnamon.

Although there are no added refined sugars, there is still an amber amount of other sources of sugar in these (carbs), so if you are a diabetic, you might want to proceed with caution.

Quaker Porridge to Go Squares are a delicious soft and chewy square containing the same amount of oats as a 27g sachet of Oat So Simple. Choose between Golden Syrup and Strawberry Raspberry Cranberry for a 100% wholegrain breakfast that is also a source of fibre and calcium for a mighty start to the day ahead.  Try warming them in the microwavable packaging for  10 seconds (cut open the end first) when the mornings start to get a bit colder.

What I think: I heated in the microwave for ten seconds, and I didn't find them overly soft, but they were chewy.  I thought they tasted better as you chewed them than when you first took a bite.  A great impetus to chew them longer and eat them slower, which is not an entirely bad thing.  They were quite tasty.  The Golden Syrup was good, but my favourite was the Strawberry, Raspberry and Cranberry one.

With amber ratings in fat, sugars and salt.

Quaker Oats to Go is available in retailers nationwide.
RRP Porridge to Go Duo Pack - 2 X 55g @ £1.39
RRP Porridge to Go Single pack - 1 X 55g @£0.75
RRP Fruit & Oat Squeeze 200g pouch @ £1.39

Note - I was sent these products for free, but was not required to write a positive review in return.  Any opinions are my own.

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