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Wednesday 13 September 2017

I do get sent the most delightful things!  Nick from Chewy Moon asked me a week or so ago did I want to review their snack boxes for children and I said sure!  Chewy Moon is a wonderful concept,  a healthy snack box for children and it gets delivered to your front door every single week. When I was a child I loved to get mail so I can imagine how thrilling it would be as a child to get one of these in the post, every single week!  And as a mom, I know how much I would like that it was filled with healthy goodies for my child!

What a wonderful alternative to the high fat, high sugar content of most snacks which are available out there for children.   

The packaging is very clever and very entertaining.  Bright and colourful and cutesy.  Very child friendly.   The subscription box costs £4.99 a week. Before you can get snacking, however, you have to pop online for a short questionnaire. Simply tell the clever Chewy Moon people your child’s age, activity levels, body type, hobbies and interests and rate individual snacks online. That way, the nutritionists behind the site know exactly what your child likes and dislikes and they can put together a box that your kids will definitely love.

 Each Chewy Moon box comes with five separately packaged snack boxes – all of them with a different and fun design. They are the perfect size for your handbag if you have kids that always get hungry on a day out. But, of course, you could also pop them in their lunchbox or keep them in your snack cupboard for an after school treat. This would be my option of choice.  Kids are always feeling ravished when they get in from school.
Each box includes a fun activity pack for your kids. Mine included a pop out card character in the shape of Ninja Newt.  Your child can put colect and these together themselves.  There was also a fact card on geograpy (I think these vary from pack to pack, so also collectible and educational), a postcard and a little comic book type of thing, plus what looks like collectible trading cards. What fun little extras!

The whole box is designed to fit through your letter box, so no waiting around for it to arrive, or messing about asking the neighbors to take it for you. You get to rate the snacks, to build up a profile of which your child does and doesn’t like for future boxes. Each box currently costs £4.93 including 98p P&P, but you can get your first box free. You select between fruit box, variety box or savoury box and you can order for multiple children. The boxes are delivered weekly and you may cancel your subscription at any time. This is a very competitive price in my opinion.  I think it is a win/win option all around. Healthy snacks for the kids, decent pricing, and they taste good.  I got Tuttie Fruit, Freaky Fruits, Crazy Crunch, Strawberry Munch and Cheeky Monkey snacks in my box and they were all really tasty.  The snack choices range from chocolate to fruity and everything in between! These come with brilliantly designed packaging, are healthy, tasty and really fun for children.

Two Thumbs Up!

Click here to find out more about Chewy Moon & to receive your first box for free.

Disclaimer:  I was gifted this box of Chewy Moon snack for free in exchange for an open & honest review. Any opinions are my own entirely.

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  1. They sound good boxes Marie...even us adults would like them. I'm sure my ...greats...would love them but think the price for two ...or more... Might be a bit more than parents could afford... However if they could, seems a wonderful idea...


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