Grown Up Chocolate

Monday 20 August 2018

I was recently sent a few bits from The Grown Up Chocolate Company to try!  Chocolate is a particular weakness of mine and I never have to be asked twice if I would like to try something new when it comes to trying chocolate!!

Marvellously moreish, decadent and delicious the SPECTACULAR SPECULICIOUS PRALINE CUPS from THE GROWN UP CHOCOLATE COMPANY make the ultimate indulgent treat!  Oh, I adore Speculoos biscuits don't you?  And these definitely contain more than a hint of the lovely flavours of Speculoos, with a sumptuous warm spice praline encased in creamy milk chocolate. They come with six in each box, which makes them  perfect for sharing (if you can bear to part with any!) 

RRP £2.25 (pack contains 6 cups)

I was also sent a sample of  their Crunchy Crispy Toffee Trilogy Bar! Try to repeat that three times in quick succession!  Now that's a mouthful and I have to say these lucious bars are one very delicious mouthful with their layers of milk chocolate and crunchy rice puffs, muddle of gooey caramel, and white chocolate biscuit pearls all encased in that same delicious luxury milk chocolate. Oh boy but these are moreishly tasty!  Crunchy and gooey and sweet and deliciously creamy! 

RRP £2.25 (pack contains two bars)

THE GROWN UP CHOCOLATE COMPANY has an ongoing mission to create the most indulgent and decadent chocolates - everything is handmade in Harlow, using only the highest quality ingredients (and a sprinkling of love). Just remember, these are strictly for grown-ups - so no need to share with any mini-mes!

Meant to be reminiscent as the bars we ate as children but re-imagined for adult tastes, the Grown Up Chocolate Company's complete line of chocolate confectionary is available for purchase online and through select Distributors.  You can also create your very own personalised bars. To find out more do check out their online site.   I think they are very yummy!  Rich and creamy, with beautiful flavours, and just sweet enough.  Todd agrees. I have had to hide them from him, or they would be all gone! (I know, I am  a greedy Gus!)

Note - I was sent free chocolate in exchange for a fair and honest review. I loved it!


  1. I have a feeling I might be buying some of this chocolate to take back home when I come to the UK! Looks like a great gift if I can keep from indulging too much myself!


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