Caramelized Onion Pot Roast

Monday 27 August 2018

I have to confess to having a certain weakness for Pot Roast.  When it comes to roast beef, I really only enjoy a Prime Rib roasted in the oven, otherwise I like a Pot Roast. 

 When we go to a carvery, I NEVER have the roast beef. It is always over-cooked, dry and they always cut it wrong. Meat should be cut against the grain, not with the grain. 

You would think they would know that  Meat cut with the grain is TOUGH.  In any case, its not Prime Rib, so meh . . .  not interested.

I talk to my mother in Canada every Sunday afternoon, and when I am talking to her, inevitably the conversation comes around to what my sister is cooking for Sunday Dinner.  

More often than not it is a Pot Roast, and I find myself wishing I had done a Pot Roast.  This week I decided to do just that.

I decided to do it in the slow cooker, so I actually began it Saturday evening.  I sent my husband to the market on Saturday to buy a piece of rolled Brisket.  

You can't beat a Brisket for pot roasting. You could also use a chuck roast if you wanted to.  Me, I like the Brisket! 

I showed him approximately the size of Brisket I wanted with my hands.  Inevitably he came home with one twice the size and grumbling about the cost.  

LOL  Poor man, he can never get it just right! 

The recipe I used this time is slightly different than the one I usually use.  I had a bottle of Lager I wanted to use that I had been sent.  

Celia Organic Craft Czech Lager. CELIA is traditionally batch brewed in the cellars of a 14th century castle located in the historical town Žatec famous for growing the world renowned Saaz hop since 1004. 

Brewed for over 2 months which includes a 14 day open vat fermentation process ensuring only natural carbonation, CELIA is crafted to remove gluten through a de-glutenisation process which enables the brewery to use only quality local ingredients ensuring no substitutions are required. Organic. Gluten Free. Hand Crafted. 

It might seem like a bit of a waste to some for me to use this in a pot roast, but we don't drink alcohol for religious reasons, so using it in a pot roast was the perfect thing for me to do with it! 

I adapted the recipe from one I found in a Pillsbury Cookbook entitled Slow Cooker Recipes, published in 2003. I think this is the first recipe I have made from the book.  

In our process of down-sizing I am going through all of my cookery books, checking to see if they are keepers or not. If I haven't cooked anything from them, they are going.  

I kind of wanted to keep this one so thought I better cook something from it to help justify its presence!

I let it cook all night.  It does take 10 hours after the initial browning  of the meat, and I have to tell you, the tantalising smell of it woke me up really early in the morning. 

My goodness but it smelled delicious!  I immediately felt hungry!  

But, blah  . . .  I had to wait for dinner. 

Thankfully my slow cooker has a hold cycle on it where it keeps things warm. I did remove the roast and cover it for later.  It was well cooked by then. I only kept the juices warm.

Highly flavoured with onions and lager, and beef stock,  the juices also use brown sugar, cider vinegar and Dijon mustard, which I felt was a brilliant combination!

I always used to use dry onion soup mix to make my pot roasts, but lately over here that has been an impossible ingredient to find!  I don't know what is up with that! You used to be able to buy it??? 

In any case this was just as delicious as my original recipe for pot roast. We were both very pleased with it. The meat was moist and tender and the gravy was delicious!  You can't ask for more than that!!

Yield: 12

Caramelized Onion Pot Roast

This is the ultimate comfort food. Old fashioned and delicious, with a flavourful gravy. I like to serve mine with plenty of mash and two veg on the side.


1 TBS olive or vegetable oil
1 (2 KG) boneless beef roast for pot roasting (4 pounds)
(I like to use a rolled brisket)
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
6 medium onions, peeled and sliced
360ml beef stock (1 1/2 cups)
180ml lager or non-alcoholic lager (3/4 cup)
2 TBS cider vinegar
2 TBS soft light brown sugar
3 TBS Dijon mustard


Heat the oil in a large skillet. Add the beef and
brown it carefully on all sides, turning occasionally.  Season with the
salt and pepper.

Place the onions into a 3 1/2
to 6 quart (litre) slow cooker.  Place the beef roast on the onions.
Whisk together all of the remaining ingredients in a large beaker and
then pour over the beef and onions.  Cover tightly and cook on low for 8
 to 10 hours.

Remove the beef from the slow
cooker, along with the onions.  If desired thicken the juices with some
water shaken together in a jar with some flour. Cook on high for about
10 to 15 minutes.  Slice the beef and serve with the onions and gravy.
Note - You do not need to thicken the juices, but we prefer them thicker..
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I cheated and used frozen mash. I had cut up swede and carrots on Saturday night also, so I cooked them while Todd was having his Sunday afternoon nap and then I just mashed the swede and added some peas to the carrot. 

I also whip some milk and butter into the frozen mash (you cook it in the microwave)  It always comes out perfect.  This was a fabulous dinner and we have leftovers to enjoy for the next few days!  Bon Appetit! 


  1. I just finished dinner and I am not hungry, but if someone set this down in front of me, I would find room to eat again, LOL. This looks amazing and great comfort food, for a crisp Autumn evening :)
    Thank you for sharing your recipe.
    Connie :)

    1. You are very welcome Connie! It truly is delicious! xo

  2. Love the mustard and br sugar additions..It's still so very hot here..soon!

    1. Believe it or not some have turned on their heat here this weekend! Its been quite cold! I think you would love this Pot Roast. Its delicious! xoxo

  3. Just curious ... if you HAD been able to use dry onion soup mix, how might you have altered this recipe? I miss my momma's pot roast!

    1. I think I would have still used the sliced onions, but I might have removed the beef stock and just used water instead Sharon! This is the best pot roast! There is nothing like the memory of a mother's cooking! My mom doesn't cook anymore, but there is nothing in my memory that tastes better than her roast turkey and stuffing, or her pies and soups! xo

  4. Do you think a red wine would work in place of the lager? I always have the former, but never the latter!


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