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Thursday 23 August 2018

I do get sent the loveliest things.  Recently Lir Chocolates contacted me and asked would we like to try a box of their chocolates, which are now available in the UK.  An Irish chocolatier, Lir  started producing chocolates  in Dublin, back in 1987.  Connie Doody and Mary White began on Connie’s kitchen table with a food mixer and a bowl. Those early days instilled a spirit of creativity and attention to detail that are still integral to Lir Chocolates today. Through the years, that spirit of adventure has made Lir Chocolates a leading provider of premium chocolates to major retailers both at home and abroad. Since those early days, they have devoted themselves to the magic and the craft of creating hand-finished and hand-decorated chocolates, based on both traditional recipes and gloriously unfamiliar new combinations.

With a  250+ strong team  which are part designers, part food scientists, part alchemists, and part magicians, they are constantly exploring, constantly experimenting, and constantly pushing back the boundaries of what is possible at the hands of the modern chocolatier.

They travel the world in search of the finest ingredients such as Thai lemongrass, Persian lime oil, Spanish pistachios and, closer to home, Irish Atlantic sea salt.  A true testament to the skill of the team has come in the form of several Great Taste Awards in recent years.

I was sent a box of the Lir Chocolate’s Discovery Collection. Wrapped in rose gold, delicate pink hues and showcasing eight painstakingly developed flavours. This has just launched in the UK for the first time. The selection box from these much-loved Irish chocolatiers features 16-pieces, each encased in a deliciously smooth Belgian chocolate exterior, from Dark Chocolate Torte, Chewy Pecan Caramel, Praline, Salted Caramel (using Irish Atlantic sea salt) and Coffee to more exotic ingredients like Persian lime.

They are beautiful to look at and Todd says, most delicious. He is really fond of the Cinnamon & Raisin Cream. (No surprise there!)

I confess I had a tiny taste, (Dark Chocolate Torte) and it was gorgeous!  The dark chocolate coating on the outside had a lovely snap, whilst the interior was lovely and rich with a beautifully intense chocolate flavour.

The Discovery Collection is available in selected Morrisons, Tesco and Co-op stores for £10, making for a well-priced gift or affordable enough to tuck into all by yourself!

Their website
Note - Although I was sent a box of chocolates free to try, I was not required to write a positive review in exchange.  Any and all opinions are my own.

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