My Favorite Recipes from 2022

Thursday 29 December 2022

favorite recipes 2022

 I thought it would be really fun this morning as we are nearing the end of the year to share with you my favorites out of all of the recipes I cooked and baked this year. Since I post just about every day, I had a LOT to choose from!

It's nice sometimes to be able focus on some of the tastier things I cooked.  I usually love everything that I cook or bake, which is why I share them with you.  It was hard to pick my favorites, but I have tried. These are just some of my favorite recipes for 2022!



COFFEE, CARDAMOM & WALNUT CAKELETTES -These little coffee glazed walnut cakes actually improved in flavor with each day that passed.    The first day they were really good, but each day they became even tastier. I suppose that is as the flavors start to mellow out.  I think they are fabulous, and I highly recommend! These were the perfect cake to begin the new year on!

Mediterranean-Style Marinated Chicken

MEDITERRANEAN-STYLE MARINATED CHICKEN - I fell in love with this chicken, so much so that I actually served it to my ex-in-laws when they came for lunch one day. It produces tender, juicy, well flavored chicken that is great with salads, in pita breads, sandwiches, etc. Its healthy and delicious and I couldn't love it any more than I already do!

Quebecoise Sugar Cream Pie

QUEBECOISE SUGAR CREAM PIE - This was so totally decadent, rich and delicious. Eaten in small slivers it delighted with every mouthful. That rich and flaky butter and lard pastry. That fabulous sweet creamy filling. There was nothing about this pie that I did not love! 



BAKED HADDOCK WITH BUTTERY CRACKER TOPPING - This was a favorite not only with myself but also with my sister.  We have both cooked it numerous times this year.  This is basically so delicious it is on repeat in both our homes. Tender flaky fish with an amazingly tasty crumb topping. I would even go so far as to say I love this more than battered fish and that is saying a lot! 

Chicken soup with pastina

CHICKEN SOUP WITH PASTINA - This was quite a bit different than your typical chicken noodle soup.  Using very simple ingredients and a very simple method of preparation. There was no need to make a stock or even to use chicken stock.   Everything was prepared simply and in one pan.  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cooked simply in water with aromatics (onion, celery, carrots, garlic) and some olive oil. Simple ingredients put together simply in a most delicious way.

rocky road brownie bites

ROCKY ROAD BROWNIE BITES Yes, these Rocky Road Brownie Bites are naughty, naughty, naughty! You can look at this as either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much willpower you have, but the recipe makes only four decadently delicious, fudgy Rocky Road Brownie Bites. Fudgy, decadent, delicious.

cheese enchiladas

CHEESE ENCHILADAS - I made these delicious enchiladas one day when my daughter was over, and I sent the leftovers home with her. These are so doggone delicious that they were almost too dangerous for me to have them around. No willpower whatsoever in the face of such deliciousness. Rich and cheesy, I served them with some sour cream and salsa verde.



MISSISSIPPI POT ROAST - This was love at first bite and quickly became my all-time favorite pot roast. I have cooked it countless times throughout this year, even for my family. The meat comes out lush and tender and nicely spiced. The juices are fabulous spooned over top. So much flavor. So little effort. There is only one word to describe this, and it is the word "AMAZING."

easy low carb strawberry ice cream

EASY LOW CARB STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM - I got the recipe for this fabulously tasty ice cream dessert from my sister. Ultra-creamy. Delicious. Made easily in a mason jar. This is almost too good to be true but believe me. It's true. This ice cream is incredibly delicious. No special equipment required. Only a few ingredients, five minutes of time and a mason jar.

Loaded Cauliflower & Chicken Casserole

LOADED CAULIFLOWER & CHICKEN CASSEROLE - Low carb, gluten free, no sugar, diabetic friendly and totally delicious! Very simple and uncomplicated to make, this was a real favorite with me. I love cauliflower and I love chicken.With bacon, chicken, spring onions, cheese and plenty of cauliflower, this is low carb and keto friendly! This is a small batch recipe, but can easily be doubled.


Jam Tea Cake


JAM TEA CAKE -Not only is this cake moist and delicious, but it goes together very quickly. This makes it ideal to whip together for last minute breakfast guests. It is the ideal showcase for the wonderful sweetness and flavor or homemade preserves. If you are lucky enough to have rhubarb jam in the larder, you are in for a real treat!   It works beautifully with any kind of preserves!

afternoon ruby tea  biscuits

AFTERNOON RUBY TEA BISCUITS - From the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook, these were absolutely delightful. Perfectly flaky and rich with a sweet jam filling. They were absolutely wonderful with a hot cup of tea.



NORWEGIAN RHUBARB CAKE - I love cake, but I absolutely adore rhubarb cakes most of all. I look forward to rhubarb season every year and each year I try to make something different with it. This moist and delicious rhubarb cake did not disappoint!This is a beautiful cake with a soft delicate crumb. It melts in the mouth. Top that with the earthy tang of tart rhubarb and the sweet crunch of sugar and almonds and you have a pretty unbeatable combination!  


True Newf Poutine

TRUE NEWF POUTINE - A copycat recipe I developed so that I could fulfil my sister's and my craving for our favorite dish from a local eatery.  Hot crisp French fries topped with a lush gravy, a hefty serving of homemade Newfoundland stuffing and plenty of cheese curds. This was an absolute favorite. 


CHICKEN CAPRESE -Fresh tender, moist pieces of chicken are split open, seasoned and layered with milky mozzarella cheese, sliced ripe tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves, before being pan grilled to perfection. With the pan juices drizzled over top, along with some basil pesto and a garnish of fresh basil leaves and sautéed sliced garlic, it makes for a dish with a very pretty presentation! It's delicious all on its own, even without anything else. A nice simple supper with fresh light flavors!

slow cooker pork and noodles

SLOW COOKER PORK AND NOODLES -This is a fabulous pork and noodles recipe that cooks all together in one pot. Using the crock pot means that you not only have to put in minimal effort, but your kitchen stays blessedly cool in the process! This is such an easy and a tasty meal. A real family pleaser. Even without the noodles, that delicious pork in its fabulously rich gravy stands along and is perfect to serve with potatoes or rice.  


Amish Potato Salad

AMISH POTATO SALAD - I love potato salad in any way shape or form. This version is super delicious.There are actually two aspects to this recipe. The salad itself, but also the cooked dressing that you prepare ahead of time to make the salad. Don't worry if you don't want to or haven't got the time to make the cooked dressing. You can use Miracle Whip or even mayonnaise in it's place.  Altogether this is incredibly delicious.

Pan Fried Chicken with Sage, lemon & garlic

PAN FRIED CHICKEN WITH SAGE, LEMON & GARLIC - Quick, easy and delicious with flavors that are incredibly impressive despite their simplicity. The one thing I really love about this recipe are the flavors. Earthy herby fresh sage. Tart acidic lemon. Creamy, nutty garlic. Rich butter, and the chicken. Everything just goes together perfectly.



SCANDANAVIAN ALMOND CAKE - This cake boasts a beautiful almond flavor throughout, from that beautifully textured cake to the sweet almond glaze which gets drizzled on top. There is even more almond flavor if you choose to scatter it with toasted flaked almonds.  Its positively scrumptious on its own, but served with a dollop of whipped cream, it becomes even more special!

Broken Potatoes with Garlic Butter & Soy Sauce

BROKEN POTATOES WITH GARLIC BUTTER & SOY SAUCE - I started off making smashed potatoes, but I had a bit of a mishap with my potatoes. I then thought to myself, broken potatoes have to be better than smashed potatoes. You have way more edges to crisp up and brown, so twice as much deliciousness! And so, I just kept going. The end result was incredibly tasty. Buttery, garlicky potatoes with a multitude of crispy edges. A- mazing!




CORNED BEEF & POTATO PIE  - This is a real favorite recipe dating back to the second world war when fresh meat was on ration in the UK. Even now this is known as a total comfort food and no small wonder! As simple as it is, it is also incredibly delicious! It also makes for a very economical choice for a supper dish. We are all feeling the pinch these days as the cost of feeding our families continues to increase with every day that passed. Simple dishes such as this one are a great way to stretch that food budget and I guarantee nobody will be complaining!


SCHOOL CAFETERIA PIZZA - This was something I had wanted to try for a very long time. I was really pleased with the results.  A super easy pourable crust, and perfectly topped. It was a beautiful, delicious pizza that we all loved. It uses pretty simple store cupboard ingredients.  I enjoyed it with my own homemade pizza sauce that I have perfected over many years.


PARMESAN CHICKEN BAKE -The chicken in this ended up nice and juicy with a beautifully tender finish. This really was delicious with a lovely brown color and a bit of crunch from the extra cheese which was sprinkled on top prior to baking. The cheese, mayo and chicken juices made a really rich and delicious sauce as well. 



HAM, POTATO & GREEN BEAN SOUP - I was really pleased with how this soup turned out. For something which was essentially a very simple make, the flavors were outstanding. I wasn't sure about the garlic, but I added it, and I am glad that I did. I think I added about 1/4 tsp which was just enough. It was just enough without going overboard. I also added thyme. Thyme goes very well with green beans (as does garlic) and potatoes and ham for that matter. It added a deliciously light hint of herbiness. If you are not fond by all means leave it out. 


OLD FASHIONED PIE PLATE CRUMB CAKE  -This is a fabulously tender cake, with a beautiful moist crumb. It is wonderfully spiced. I love the crumb topping with gives a nice crunch to the finish. Oh, and I do recommend adding the jam if you are a jam person. Even without a hot drink, this is fabulous! I really hope that you will be inspired to bake and enjoy this cake! It's just the right size as well! Moist, delicious, nicely spiced, not to large.

pork steak with mushroom gravy

PORK STEAK WITH MUSHROOM GRAVY - Simply seasoned and fried in butter and served with a lush mushroom gravy. The meat is coated and flash-fried in the butter, retaining its juices. It is lightly seasoned with a few bits. The gravy is created simply from the pan drippings and golden mushrooms fried also in butter.  Together quite simply fabulous.


Country Chicken

COUNTRY CHICKEN - Tender pieces of juicy golden chicken thigh meat, combined with golden brown potatoes and sweet red and yellow peppers, with a slight tangy glaze. You brown the chicken, and then the vegetables, in the one skillet. It also goes together very quickly as well, making it a perfect mid-week supper! All you will really need in addition to this is perhaps a salad on the side. This is really quite simple and very quick. Especially if you spend a few minutes ahead of time getting all of the individual components chopped and ready to go.

Date & Coffee Sponge Cake

DATE & COFFEE SPONGE CAKE - One thing which I really love about this cake is that it is incredibly easy to throw together, with an all-in-one bowl method of mixing the batter. No fuss, no muss and not a lot to clean up.  I also love its beautiful texture. It is dense and incredibly moist.  I adore dates and this cake is loaded with lots of bits of sticky date throughout! I guarantee this is a recipe you will find yourself turning to again and again, especially if you love dates!  And Coffee!  The two together are quite simply a fabulous taste combination! 

Raspberry Crumble Cookies

RASPBERRY CRUMBLE COOKIES - These melt-in-the-mouth crumble cookies are amazingly delicious with a shortbread-like texture, a sweet jam filling and a moreish buttery crumble topping. One buttery batter is created to form both the base and the topping. Are they a tart? Are they a cookie? I say they are both!  



MONGOLIAN BEEF & BROCCOLI WITH NOODLES - I love Chinese beef and broccoli. This is a somewhat spicier version of the regular, with plenty of tender strips of beef, lots of crispy tender broccoli and ramen noodles in a delicious sauce!  I love, LOVED this! 


RAVIOLI WITH SAUSAGE AND BRUSSELS SPROUTS - This is probably my favorite of all the pasta dishes I cooked this year. It was very quick and simple to make. Tender cheese ravioli tossed together with a simple brussels sprouts and sausage sauce.  With a bit of cheese scattered over top, it went down a real treat!

Of course, December is not finished yet. I may have a few recipes left in me yet before the end of the year. In fact, I know that I have a couple left to do for 2022.  Cooking and sharing what I cook with you on here is one of the favorite things that I do.  I am so grateful that you all support me the way that you do and I just love it when you cook the recipes that I share and enjoy them also.

What were some of your favorite recipes of mine that I have shared that you have cooked recently?  They don't have to be from 2022. They can be from any year. I really am interested in finding out what it is that you enjoy.

Also I have been wondering what kind of recipes you most enjoy seeing and trying.  Traditional, British, easy, smaller sized, etc.  Share with me!  In that way maybe 2023 can be even better than 2022!

Just leave your suggestions in the comments section below. Thanks so much!

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 Thanks so much for visiting. Do come again! 


  1. Two of the recipes my family (and several of our friends) LOVED from your blog this year were the Raspberry Crumble Cookies and the Easy Garlic and Herb Rolls! (My 14 year daughter has made them at least 3 times in the past month for dinner!) The Date and Coffee Sponge cake is being made this weekend and I have a feeling it will be a hit as well! And one of our "old favorites" that is in the cake tin on a regular basis is your Irish Boiled Fruitcake!

    1. I hope you enjoy the Date and Coffee Sponge Carina! I predict that you will! Oh that Irish Boiled Fruitcake is a long time favorite with me as well! Happy New Year! xo

  2. I’ve enjoyed so many recipes, and so many are on regular rotation. Happy New Year, Marie!
    Hugs, Claire

    1. That makes me very happy Claire! Happy New Year! xo


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