Amazing Food the day after . . . Using up Those Turkey Tidbits

Friday 23 November 2012


I thought I would share a few of my favourite ways of using up leftover turkey today.  I know I have a lot of American readers who will be wanting to know what to do with it all . . . and of course my Canadian and British readers will be dealing with leftover turkey after the annual Festive feast in just a few weeks time.

There's so much more to do with it than the annual turkey/cranberry and stuffing sandwich, as good as they are and it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas without imbibing at least one of those after the main meal!

In truth I am probably even more fond of the leftovers than I am of the actual turkey dinner!  Well, almost at any rate!

Here's a few taste tempting dishes to prepare that I am sure will help to insure that your turkey leftovers this year will be neither boring or tasteless!

Turkey Oven Bake - A tasty casserole which goes together quick as a wink, with rice, broccoli, turkey and a few other things.  A real family pleaser!

Barbequed Turkey Pizza - Another favourite with a sauce base of cranberry barbeque sauce and a topping of Balsamic Caramelized Onions, cooked turkey and cheese of course!  Who says leftovers have to be boring!

Turkey Cobb Salad - Chock full of the super foods, turkey, avocado, tomatoes . . . bacon and blue cheese, with a scrummy vinaigrette dressing!

Turkey Pot Pie -  An annual favourite for many years!

Turkey and Stuffing Pie - This version is made with chicken, but you can very easily substitute the chicken with leftover turkey and stuffing from your holiday dinner!

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  1. excellent Marie, that first photo has me hungry!! ( Its bed time here, we just finished watching the BBC)


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