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Friday 30 November 2012

Do you remember the other day when I posted my Christmas Wish List?  Well, somebody was listening because look:

Yes those are those cute little measuring spoons from DotComGiftShop!  Aren't they totally adorable.  I just love the singing bird design . . . and somebody must have known that as well coz . . .

They also sent me this!  It's a singing bird Pantry Recipe Box!   Sooooo cute!!  Very Retro looking I think.  Quite 1950's . . . right down to the

snazzy dividers inside . . .


That retro design on the back . . . and just look at the lid . . .

Isn't that just the cutest thing  you have ever seen . . . not only that cute lttle singing bird again . . . but POLKA DOTS!!  I love polka dots.  Je t'adore beaucoup.  And  it's a beautiful big size to hold all those tasty recipes, but that is not all . . .

There's these totally adorable Pantry Cake Tins to match . . .


A three tin set, in perfect sizes to store all your sweets, biscuits and cakes!  Once again with that cute little singing bird design and POLKA DOTS!

There's a whole range of this stuff.  It's called The Pantry Line.  I just love it!!

Many thanks to DotComGift Shop for making my dreams come true!

I am actually totally in love with the whole site.  I was so impressed with what I had received that I did a tiny bit of shopping myself the other day . . . just look at what I found . . .

A Vintage Cat Egg Cup . . . just for me.

A Vintage Dog Egg Cup for the Toddster . . . 

Two adorable Wooley Ladybird Egg Cosies to help keep our morning boiled eggs cosy and warm.


and some Dress Up Dolly Plasters for a certain little girl I love.  (Just  perfect for  little boo boos!)

And all at a very reasonable price, and there was quick delivery as well.  I think I have found a new favourite gift site.


  1. Christmas came early then? ;) They are all adorable, lucky you!

  2. I have been looking for a vintage recipe box:-) Santa sent it to you:-)
    So cute everything.
    Happy dance for you.

  3. I love these too Marie, did you received my mail? zz

  4. Dotcomgiftshop is one of my favourite sites for shopping, and their prices are very reasonable too!


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