Velvety Vanilla Almond . . . Moreishly tasty!

Wednesday 14 November 2012


One of the nicest quirks of being a food blogger means that I am able to try out new products from time to time.  I was recently contacted by Lindt and asked if I would like to try their new Lindt Creation, Velvety Vanilla Almond Milk Chocolate Bar.

Test chocolate?  You don't need to ask me twice.  I have long been a fan of Lindt chocolate . . . oh my . . . I do love their Easter Bunnies and Christmas Reindeer . . . oh heck . . .and their Dark Chocolate with Chili is my absolute favourite.  I once used it to dip strawberries into . . . on my . . . soooo good.

But I digress.


A few days ago I received this Lindt Creation Velvety Vanilla Almond Chocolate bar in the post . . . and I don't mind confessing . . . as cheesy as it may sound . . . it was love at first bite.


 Velvety vanilla truffle, layered with luscious golden caramel  . . . smothered in Lindt's beautiful milk chocolate.  What's not to like I ask???

The vanilla truffle filling is dotted with little crunchy bits of almond pieces . . . oh so good . . .

Look at that caramel layer . . . slightly oozing out.  Oh so fabulously delicious.  The hardest part of eating this was keeping it all to myself.

Alas . . . I could not . . . Todd heard my lips smacking and begged to share my indulgence . . . what could I do.  I took pity on him . . . as everyone knows full well . . . blessings when shared double in value.

Lindt Creation Velvety Vanilla Almond Milk Chocolate Bar with caramel
100g bar  £1.99

A TEN * experience.

Thanks to Lindt Chocolatiers for sending me this tasty bar!

I think that this year some tasty Christmas Chocolates would not go amiss!!  (Todd!  Listen up!!)


  1. You've got me drooling over it. Looks and sounds delicious.

  2. Love Lindt..never saw the vanilla almond:)

  3. Don't know about Lindt chocolate but I love dipping strawberries in chocolate!

  4. Marie Love this, make me feel hungry:))) huggs dear

  5. I love the Lindt chili but can't get it here anymore(where i live). Makes me sad as i love chili chocolate. Hugs,

  6. Yummy!! Lindt is just the best!


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