The Diner's Dictionary

Thursday 1 November 2012


I just have to tell you about this fabulous book which dropped through my mail slot this week.  The Diner's Dictionary by John Ayto.  This may be one of my favourite books yet!  I'm not kidding!

A few years back my son gifted me with the Larousse Gastronomique for Christmas and I was in seventh heaven.  It was such a thoughtful and wonderful present.   This Diner's Dictionary might not be as hefty as that . . . but I guarantee it is just as delightful for foodie and non-foodie alike!  Riveting stuff.


Seasoned generously with literary wit, it covers everything you wanted to know about food, from A

to Z  . . . and everything in-between.  AND . . . it's a lot easier to carry around or read in bed than that huge beastie of the Gastronomique.

I have been glancing through it every chance I get and have found it to be absolutely riveting . . . I've even plagued Todd with it in bed at night.  (As you know I love to go to bed with a good cookbook.  This week it's been this book.)

I lay there and punctuate every few moments with an exclamation . . .

 photo 52c5870bac4d63a52d6f257ebf650252_zpsa713abf1.jpg

"Todd, did you know that there is an American mixed drink in which bourbon is diluted with fruit syrup and soda water, having orginated in the 1850's called a Daisy???  I know . . . kinda gives new meaning to that old song, I'll Give You a Daisy a Day!"

And then a few minutes later, it is . . .

"Todd, did you know that the word Lasagne comes from a word meaning chamber pot???"

 photo cf4bef195aecd3cee75447dfa2e1c271_zpsd4f81fa6.jpg

He doesn't know whether to kiss me or crown me . . . or both!!

In any case I have found it quite quite riveting and thoroughly fascinating!  This book would make a fab Christmas Gift to the dedicated foodie on your list!

The Diner's Dictionary
by John Ayto
Published by Oxford University Press
ISBN: 978-0-19-964024-9
£12.99 UK
$24.95 US
 A quirky, irresistibly  delicious read!

Many thanks to Oxford University Press for sending me this lovely review copy.  It's just filled with food for thought!

Dimples and Delights  

Linking this post up to November's Nibbles and Novels over on Dimples & Delights, the monthly party that book inspired foodie posts.  Thanks April for letting me play!! (Click on the photo and it will magically take you to her page!)


  1. I received a similar book from a past sweet client that became a friend.I treasure it..
    The cupcakes are adorable:-)

  2. Tis on my library list. I can't stand lasagna anymore, so it's origin made me laugh out loud! Thanks so much for joining my little party, dear friend!
    Hugs, April

  3. Love this Marie! sounds interesting! xo


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