Luxury Chocolate for Easter

Friday 28 March 2014

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Established in 1902, Prestat is one oldest chocolate companies in the world and holds a Royal Warrant to HM The Queen.  I was recently sent one of their Easter Chocolate Line of products to try out, The Prestat Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle in a Real Egg Shell.

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Yep, that is a real egg shell there, all pretty and bright pink, with cute polka dots painted all over it.   They come in a variety of bright colours.These pretty eggs are perfect for hiding in nests around the garden and peeling off the shells only heightens the anticipation of biting into the chocolate truffle inside. Prestat isn’t revealing exactly how the chocolate finds its way inside the eggshells but they guarantee that each one is sterilised before it is filled with the irresistibly moreish hazelnut truffle and lovingly painted.

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A sharp crack on the table and I was into that luxurious chocolate hiding inside that pretty shell.

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I can just imagine how much fun a child would have breaking into one of those shells . . .  but I don't think there are that many children which would truly appreciate the quality and flavour of this beautiful chocolate hazelnut truffle!

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This deserves to be enjoyed by someone who can truly appreciate the taste of fine chocolate . . . someone like me!  This was delicious, rich, creamy and moreish.

 It's a tough job but . . . hey, somebody's got to do it!!

 COCOA and MILK SOLIDS: Cocoa Content: Milk Chocolate: 23% Milk Content: Milk chocolate: 3%

 INGREDIENTS and ALLERGENS: The Prestat kitchens handle many ingredients including cream (milk), nuts, gluten, eggs and flour so even products that do not contain these as ingredients may contain traces of them. The eggshells have been sterilised prior to being filled. They do NOT use any genetically modified ingredients and they do Not have peanuts in any products.

Price £3.95 for a solid truffle 50g luxury chocolate egg.

Many thanks to Prestat and Lucy for sending me this delicious egg to try out.  It was really yummy!  (And I did share some with Todd, so he got to have a nibble too.  I promise.)

Check out the Prestat web page to find out about all of their luxury chocolate goodies.

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