Choosing The Right Cooker for Christmas Dinner

Thursday 11 December 2014

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Christmas Day is rapidly approaching, and it’s around this time of year that many people choose to upgrade their cooker in preparation for the big day. After all, you don’t want to feed Auntie Mabel a turkey that’s flavoured with years’ worth of oven grime, or find that the plates on the hob have broken just as you need to do the vegetables, do you? Getting a modern, up-to-date cooker will ensure that Christmas dinner goes smoothly – or it will, as long as you ensure your new cooker is equipped with certain crucial features: 

Energy Efficiency
With so much cooking to do for so many people, your oven’s likely to be in use pretty much constantly from lunchtime on Christmas Eve onwards – which might lead to a nasty surprise when the energy bill comes through the letterbox at the end of the month. Luckily, these days affordable energy-efficient cookers and ovens are available from most kitchen appliance retailers. A cooker in a good energy class (look out for those in class A, A+, A++ or A-20%) that’s able to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible and burns gas efficiently could pay for itself in terms on monthly savings on your bill.  

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High Capacity
Nobody wants to get up on Christmas morning to put on the turkey to find it won’t fit in the oven. Go for an oven with a high capacity and, no matter the size of your bird, you can rest assured it’ll fit nicely. 

ProCook Baking Trays
We’ve all been there – spending hours slaving away to prepare the best roast potatoes that’ve ever been served with Christmas dinner, telling all of the guests how fantastic they’ll be, waiting on tenterhooks for the end result…only to find half of your spuds stuck to the baking tray. Go for an oven that comes with ProCook baking trays, which are covered in hexagonal divots, and you never need worry about unevenly-cooked food becoming stuck to the tray again. 

Safety Features
Nothing spoils Christmas like the chef going up in flames – so make sure your new cooker is equipped with safety features such as auto ignition, which prevents avoidable gas leakage when turning on the hob, and flame failure safety valves, which stop the gas supply if the flame is cut off. A glass cover will protect your hob during the brief periods that it’s not in use over Christmas, ensuring it’s in prime condition to cook as many tasty dishes as possible.   

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If you’re getting an upgrade on your cooker ready for Christmas dinner, be sure it’s one with all the features needed to give your family and friends the festive Yuletide feast they deserve. For a cooker that has all of the useful features listed above and a host of other time- and energy-saving innovations, look for a kitchen appliance manufacturer such as Amica, whose range of stylish, modern and energy-efficient ovens and cookers are available at appliance retailers across the UK.

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