Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Monday 29 December 2014

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Next to lemon and chocolate I think my favourite flavour has to be cinnamon.  I just adore cinnamon anything and I try often to incorporate it into my baked goods.  

There is something about the smell of cinnamon anything baking that just beckons one in . . .  like a warm hug in a comfy place . . .  from someone you really love.


 Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

I remember seeing something like this on the net made by using those refrigerated cinnamon rolls once upon a time and I had always wanted to create my own version . . .  

except using biscuit or scone dough.  With this being the Christmas holidays it was the perfect time to indulge myself.

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

This uses my mother in laws tea biscuit recipe with butter replacing the usual shortening . . .  for added richness and I'm not altogether sure I like using shortening these days.  

It's not a natural fat is it . . . lard would probably be much better for you . . . anyways . . .  I digress.

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

I patted the dough out into a large rectangle which I then covered with a nice brown sugar/butter cinnamon mixture.  I sliced that into 1 inch wide strips.  

I rolled one into a tight jelly roll shape and placed it in the centre of a really WELL buttered 9 inch round pan.   (This is important so that your cake doesn't stick to the pan.)

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Then I started adding the remaining cinnamon butter covered strips to the pan, wrapping them around each other until I had what looked like a really big cinnamon roll in the cake tin. 

 It will not fit the tin the whole way, but that's not a problem.

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Once you get them all in the pan . . .  gently press them down with the heel of your hand to fill the pan.  

A deliciously buttery cinnamon streusel crumb mixture is then sprinkled evenly over top, and then the whole thing is popped into the oven and baked.

 Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Baked until it is nicely puffed and crisp on the edges, with a crisp crumble topping  . . . the insides layered with buttery layer after layer of flakey pastry/dough/biscuit/scone amidst sweet cinnamon deliciousness.  

The smell when it is baking is pure heavenly bliss . . .  you want to dig your fork in right away . . .  but it's not done yet, no . . . it's not done yet.

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

You let it cool for a bit, pop it out of the pan and then you drizzle a delicious cream cheese vanilla drizzle icing all over the top.  

Now you can dig in.   Trust me when I say you will be hard pressed to find anything which is more delicious or more comforting or more beloved by whomever you serve it to.  

The perfect holiday indulgence for coffee break, brunch or just . . . because.  Quick, easy and quite, QUITE scrumptiously tasty!

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

*Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake*
Serves 8

Like a big huge cinnamon roll, which you cut into wedges to serve.  I like a lot of cinnamon, but if you are not fussed, decrease the amounts as desired.  I have never had anyone turn a slice of this down. 

For the cinnamon roll base:
280g of plain flour (2 cups)
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
75g of butter, cut into bits (1/3 cup)
160ml of milk (2/3 cup)
100g of soft light brown sugar
1 TBS ground cinnamon
4 TBS butter melted
For the crumble topping:
70g of plain flour (1/2 cup)
50g of soft light brown sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
3 TBS softened butter
few drops vanilla
For the glaze:
130g of icing sugar, sifted (1 cup)
1 TBS cream cheese
few drops of vanilla
milk to thin  

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Preheat the oven to 220*C/425*F gas mark 7.  Butter a nine inch round baking tin really well.   Set aside.

Sift the flour into a bowl along with the baking powder and salt.   Drop in the butter and then rub it in with your finger tips until you have coarse crumbs.  (Use a snapping motion.)  Stir the milk in with a fork to make a soft dough.  

Knead gently a couple of times then turn out onto a lightly floured board and pat out gently to a large rectangle which is approximately 10 inches by 13 inches and about 1/3 inch thick.   Mix together the soft light brown sugar, cinnamon and melted butter.  Sprinkle this over top of the dough evenly.  Press it gently to help it adhere.   

Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut into 1 inch strips.  Roll one strip into a tight roll.  Place this in the middle of the buttered baking tin.   Add the remaining strips, wrapping them around the centre, moving to the outside, until you have all of the strips used up.  (It will look like a large cinnamon roll)  Press it out gently to fill the pan.   

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake


Make the crumble topping by mixing together the flour, sugar and cinnamon.   Drop in the butter and rub all together until crumbly.  Add a few drops of vanilla.  

Only enough to give you a mixture that clumps together slightly.  Sprinkle this in clumps evenly over top of the scone/biscuit base.

Bake in the pre-heated oven for 10 minutes.  Lower the oven temperature to 200*C.400*F. and bake for an additional 20 to 25 minutes until risen and nicely browned and cooked through.  

If you think it is getting too dark on top, cover lightly with a piece of aluminium foil.

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Remove from the oven allow to cool in the pan for about 10 minutes. Remove from the pan and cool to just warm. 

 Meanwhile whisk together all of the ingredients for the glaze, only using enough milk to give you a thin drizzle glaze mixture.  

Drizzle this over top of the cake while the cake is just warm.  Let set for a few minutes, then cut into wedges to serve.

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

This is sure to become a new family favourite!  I guarantee!


  1. Oh my jeepers... You seriously do breakfast like no one else! I already love your sticky buns, and your biscuity-cinnamon roll cake, but this is a whole new level! Pinning it to try SOON!!!

  2. April, I hope you like it as much as we did. Ariana kept warming up pieces of it in the microwave to eat! It was really, REALLY good! xoxo

  3. I want someone to make this for me! Now!

  4. Thanks Olivia! It's really good for sure!

  5. Marie, I can't wait to make this soon! I LOVE your recipes!!

    1. Thanks Marianne! You made my day! Wait til you see my cook book which is due out the end of April. It will be the best of the best! xo

  6. Can I freeze it

    1. I never have, but I can't see why not! Just wrap it up tightly and then rewarm it gently in a low oven when the time comes to serve it. Don't glaze it before freezing either.


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