Introducing Welsh Lamb into your Christmas Menu

Wednesday 17 December 2014

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Turkey may be the go-to festive meat, but who is to say that you can’t experiment and introduce different flavours into your Christmas menu? 

Welsh Lamb is delicious all year round, but it can be a fantastic meat to bring to the table during the festive season – here are some of Welsh Lamb recipes to inspire you this Christmas.  

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RoastLeg of Welsh Lamb with Gin and Cranberry

Christmas is the time of year to gather all of your loved ones around the dinner table to share happy memories over a hearty meal … so make it a meal to remember! 

Wow your family and friends this year by swapping the traditional turkey for a roast leg or a shoulder of Welsh Lamb. Roast your meat with gin and cranberry for ultimate Christmas flavour, and serve with a tasty mint sauce, and deliciously thick homemade gravy.  

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ChristmasRack of Welsh Lamb  

Whether served as a Christmas Eve indulgence or to celebrate the New Year, this festive flavoured Welsh Lamb is guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser. Mint sauce may be synonymous with lamb, as cranberry sauce is with turkey, but there’s an abundance of different flavours that can accompany this meat beautifully.  

Have you thought about complementing your lamb with cider, ginger and cinnamon? Or perhaps with Christmas spices? They really work a treat!  

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By the time Boxing Day arrives, everyone is pretty much ‘roasted’ out, but there is always room for more the next day! Why not place a spoonful of mango chutney onto some naan breads with a folder slice of leftover Welsh Lamb? For an extra special dish, add a little spoonful of coriander mayo.

So instead of serving cold, leftover turkey this year, present your guests with a succulent lamb platter? Delicious! 

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As much as you may plan your Christmas meals, you will almost undoubtedly have leftover meat. And what better way to use it up than to create a mouth-watering fruity curry? 

Welsh Lamb is just divine in a curry – give it a try this year, and serve with fragrant pilau rice, poppadoms and garlic naans.  

Those are our top picks of delicious Welsh Lamb recipes to replace the traditional turkey, but what will you be serving this Christmas?

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  1. Surprisingly, available in Canada. Definitely not cheap but not out of line with other top end cuts.


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