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Saturday 18 April 2015

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As you probably noticed in my earlier post I was recently contacted by Flamingo Gifts and asked if I would like to review a few gifts from their magnificent gift site!   Flamingos stock a varied and unique range of gifts to suit everyone and all occasions. From kitsch to traditional, from adults to children, there is sure to be something on their pages to suit just about every taste. Really, really  lovely things.  I was hard pressed to pick a few items as there were just so many nice items to choose from!  After a couple of days of perusal I managed to narrow my wish list down to a few and within 24hours of my voicing my wish list . . .  a big box arrived on my doorstep.  I have to say that delivery was quick and everything arrived well packed and undamaged in transit.  Perfect packaging and delivery.  Positive number one!

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I showed you the lovely Folklore Coffee Pot earlier today.   It's on sale right now at 10% off the regular price.  You can read what I thought about it here.  So cute!

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I am a big fan of Orla Kiely anything.  I adore her fresh designs, with their very distinctive patterns, colours and texures.   I fel in love with this set of Three Herb Pots On a Tray.  The patterns used are Flower Stem, Scribble Stem and Daisy Spot.  Ideal for growing herbs, each pot fits comfortably on the tray, which makes it very easy to water them from below.

 photo DSCN1439_zpsbrw2cehi.jpg

Mine have been planted and are sitting on the windowsil in the dining room, where I am eagerly awaiting in anticipation of something green showing up.  Oh, I know  . . .  I could have just gone and bought already growing herbs, but experience has taught me that those herbs you can get in the pots at the shops are not meant to last for very long.  Seriously.  Orla Kiely deserves much more than a flash in the pan.  These are also on sale right now at 10% of the regular price.   Check them out!

 photo DSCN1443_zpsk84seehc.jpg

Another item which I fell in love with was this Sparrow Serving Set, which consists of 4 serving utensils (spaghetti server, Ladle, Slotted Spoon and Solid Spoon) and a unique tree branch holder (which slides apart for flat storage.)  You all know how much I love watching the sparrows at play in my back garden and this caught my eye from the get-go.  The sparrow server set would look great in any kitchen and is ideal to leave on the side.  This pretty set of kitchen utensils looks like 4 sparrows sitting on a tree.  Pretty and fun.

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Made completely from recycled materials this set is great for cooking or serving.  Very stylish.  It's out of stock at the moment, but you can ask to be notified for when more stock arrives.   I just love it!  Check out more details here

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Finally I chose the Abode Egg Cups.  This lovely set of four porcelain egg cups is the result of a collaberation with Mengsel and features Luzelle van der Westhuizens illustrations of 4 animals each on an egg cup of their own.

It's super cute,  and would make a lovely gift for any special occasion or birthday.  It comes in a sturdy and attractive box.  From the abode range, they also have stacking tins, plates and espresso sets. The cups are also dishwasher and microwave safe.  These are also on sale at 10% off at the moment.

I really love all of the items I received and feel that if you are looking for a gift for that special occasion or someone, or even as a treat yourself, you could not find a much nicer site to get it from than Flamingo Gifts.  They cater for every budget and offer the lowest prices possible for extremely high quality goods, with a top class service and a simple mission, which is to provide amazing gifts to you at a great price and quickly, and to deal with any problems even faster so you enjoy your splurge!

Many thanks to them for indulging my wish list.   I really am thrilled with all my goodies.


  1. That Sparrow set♥

    Fun things Marie!!

  2. I know I am a very lucky girl Monique! xx

  3. Very cute things,I checked out the Kitchen area:)

  4. I know! They have some bird plates I am also wanting! Me and birds. . . I love them!


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