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Friday 10 August 2018

As most of my readers now, I  am a person who likes to do good and practice kindness whenever I can.  Kindness costs nothing, and good deeds are gifts that can't help but give back.  You just can't outgive a giver!  I have an elderly friend, that I am always doing things for.  Sometimes it is as simple as just giving her a quick call on the telephone, other times, I pop in to see how she is doing.  I often cook extra when I am cooking for us and I bring it over to her.  She is always most appreciative.  She doesn't get out much now.  She is 89 years old and mobility is a huge problem. In any case I like to do what I can, when I can.  To my way of thinking, some day I will be 89 (hopefully, lol) and I hope that if I make it that long I, too, will have a special friend who will do small and simple things for me. 

I try to practice kindness in all avenues of my life however.  If I am in the shops and someone is behind me with only a few items, I always let them go first. Todd and I have also sponsored children in Africa. It was only through sponsorship that these children are able to go to to school and be educated. It actually helps their whole family.   

But the caring doesn't stop there. I also try to practice kindness and do good, or as much good as I can by responsible consumership.  I try to buy free range, use cloth reusable shopping bags, cut back on my use of plastics werever I can, etc.  The list goes on and on.  

There are many ways that we can give back. 

Yesterday I got a really nice hamper from the people at Sunbites.  It included a hot pepper plant, a crate of a varieity of their Sunbites whole grain snacks, and a solar phone charger!

Sunbites believes that one small act of goodness can inspire others to do the same, having a ripple effect that turns into a wave of good. Whether the initial act is a move to improve the environment, volunteering for charity or inviting your colleague on your lunchtime stroll, we believe that #GoodGrows, and they would like to seed some goodness back into Britain!

There is a little bit of taste good and do good in every bite, and the Sunbites #GoodGrows campaign is working to give back to society and deliver goodness around the world. The Sunbites team has partnered with CARE International to launch the ‘Light Her Path’ initiative, aimed at improving the lives of women and children around the world by providing the education they deserve. This brilliant initiative helps in lots of ways, including building eco-friendly learning centres that are powered by solar panels. 

I've always been a huge fan of the Sunbites range of snacks. Their Grain Wave range of snacks are made from 2 sun-grown whole grains combined with natural seasonings to give you a deliciously crunchy snack.  They also have a new Veggie Harvest range of snacks which combine yellow peas with whole grains to create a tasty snack, and they also have popcorn and crackers within their range of snacks.  You can read all about their products here.

To celebrate the #GoodGrows campaign I was gifted with this lovely hamper, and because they want my followers to feel good also they are offering one of my BRITISH readers with a Hamper of goodies as well.  In celebration of the CARE International partnership, which harnesses the power of the sun to power the educational centres, the sun that powered our new TV ad and the sun that grows our wholegrains, the giveaway hamper will also include a solar powered phone charger to encourage you to do a little good for the environment too!

To be in for the win, please leave a comment below, and if you have a good deed story you would like to share with us, so much the better!  Thanks!  (Remember they are only able to gift a British reader with this giveaway prize.  Sorry about that!)  Its my Birthday on Monday and I can't think of a better gift on my Birthday than being able to give away something to one of you.  So do leave a comment and I will pick at winner  by 5 PM on the 13th of August 2018.

 Want to find out more about the Sunbites Campain? You can visit their website here or their social media channels below:

Twitter: @SunbitesUK 
Instagram: sunbitesuk 
Facebook: Sunbites


  1. I love when peeps send you things..always grateful well deserved!!

  2. I love this woman .. she is always thinking of others. The other day we were in a small shop and a lady bought something and went to pay for it (it was 85p) by Card, but they only do transactions for over £5 and she had no change. She was going to walk back in to town to a cash dispenser. I thought "85p, no problem". It felt so good ��. So I can only imagine how good Marie feels because she is always giving ..Happy Birthday for the 13th.

    1. Aww thanks Sandra! Helping others does feel good! Xo

  3. What a great campaign Marie, I don't have good deed story as such but when my partners grandma fell ill with terminal cancer a number of years ago (who we were extremely close to) we took it as an honour to be able to give her, show her the love and care she had so unselfishly showered us with as a family.
    Kindness cost nothing:)


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