Meals of the Week, April 16th - 22nd

Sunday 23 April 2023


Meals of the Week

Another Sunday, another Meals of the week post. The post where I catch you up with all of the things which I have cooked for myself and my family over the previous week.  I may live on my own, but as you can see I eat very well.

Things were a bit simpler this week as we have all been recovering from the dreaded Covid virus. Thankfully we all made it through without any complications, but none of us is really feeling our appetites just yet.

I love doing posts like this however. I know that I, myself, on occasions need a bit of inspiration when it comes to meal planning and if I can help anyone to do that for themselves or their family that makes me very happy.

Its nice also to be able to look back over the week. In looking back this week I have to say that my most favorite meal of the whole week was the Pink Pasta that I enjoyed on Tuesday. So much so that I enjoyed the leftovers for my breakfast a day or so later.  (Doesn't everyone enjoy leftovers for breakfast?  Say it isn't just me!)

In any case this is what I enjoyed for my main meals over this past week. I did have other things for my breakfast and lunch.  Normally I keep them pretty simple.  Salads or sandwiches, sometimes leftovers, cereal, toast, etc. 

I hope you will be inspired by the main meals I have eaten!

Pot Roast

SUNDAY APRIL 16th - Pot Roast at my sisters.

Most Sundays I am invited to my sisters for dinner. This week it was a delicious pot roast with roasted veggies and broccoli.  For dessert she had made a Fabulous Chocolate Cake.  Medjool Date & Spice Chocolate Layer Cake.   She baked it as a Bundt Cake and did a chocolate glaze icing. It was really good.

Her dinners always are. I am so grateful for my family and these opportunities we have to break bread together.

Tomato soup & grilled cheese

MONDAY APRIL 17th - Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

My sister had to work late on Monday and so my father came here for his supper. I just made us bowls of hot tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. He was more than happy with that. These are not just ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches however, they are Cheese Crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. They are not just cheesy on the inside, but also on the outside. They went down a real treat and are so easy to make.

My dad always looks for a dessert at the end so I served him a bowl of ice cream and some cookies. He was very happy with that!  I so enjoyed being able to cook supper for my father.  This is a real blessing to me.


TUESDAY, APRIL 18th - Pasta with Pink Sauce

This was the first day I really felt like cooking anything after my being sick.  This was quite simply delicious. It didn't require a lot of effort on my part. Just a few simple store cupboard ingredients and it was on the table in about 20 minutes tops.

I would have liked to have a salad and some garlic bread on the side, but it was tasty just as it was.

True Newf Poutine

WEDNESDAY APRIL 19th - True Newf Poutine

Poutine is a very Canadian dish. Having originated in Quebec it consists, at its very basic, hot chips (French Fries) slathered in cheese curds and hot gravy. The heat from the gravy and the chips melts the curds of cheese resulting in a lush gooey delicious hot mess!  There is an eatery not too far from where we live that my sister and I like to visit on occasion called Jonny's Cookhouse.   

It is about 40 minutes from us and is the best place in the Valley when it comes to this type of food.  Best burgers, etc.  We love it. My sister and I had to go up country today for something and so we decided to stop at Jonny's for our favorite True Newf Poutine, which is a classic poutine with the addition of a generous amount of Newfoundland stuffing/dressing on top.  WE LOVE IT!  Its delicious and we are both stuffing/dressing afficionados.  

This poutine is very generous and both of us always eat half of it for our lunch and the other half for our suppers, so safe to say, this was my meal for the day in all of its glorious decadence!! Don't worry however if you cannot make it to Jonny's.  This copycat recipe (linked above) is just as good as the original!

Chicken Tostadas

THURSDAY APRIL 20th - Chicken Tostadas

I had some leftover cooked chicken to use up and I had picked up some tostada shells the other week when I was shopping so on this day I whipped myself up a small batch of chicken tostadas.  I have made tostadas in the past but this was the first time I was able to make them using proper shells.

They were delicious with a base of refried beans, spicy chicken, some salsa, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and spring onion.  With a squeeze of lime juice over top, these were excellent and really enjoyed. I also had some salad on the side. Quick, easy and delicious! 

Nova Scotia Fish Chowder

FRIDAY APRIL 21st - Nova Scotia Fish Chowder

The days are still a bit cool so I made myself some fish chowder for my supper. Here in Nova Scotia we have some of the best fish in the world and I have a fish processing plant right about the corner from my house. I can go there to buy fresh fish every day of the week at a reasonable price. This chowder is the best. 

Rich and creamy and delicious. People come from all over the world to enjoy this very regional favorite!

Spaghetti Francisco

SATURDAY APRIL 22nd - Spaghetti Francisco

I had my family over for supper.  My cousin owns a pizza place in town called the Pizza Factory. He has a new pizza and we wanted to try that.  Its a Cheese Steak Pizza. I made a casserole to go along with it, just in case.  Spaghetti Francisco.  Its an old recipe that I got from a Sunset Cookbook magazine many years ago.  

Its fabulously tasty and uses all sorts of store cupboard ingredients. Its great for pot lucks and get togethers.  I never make it on my own because it is a largish casserole, but it does freeze well. I really should make it more often and then freeze it in individual containers. Its really delicious and I do like it very much!

We had the pizza and a salad also.  For dessert, sugar free Jello and whipped cream!

And those were my meals of the week for April 16th to 22nd!  As you can see I ate very well, despite still recovering from my illness. A lot of it was shared with family and to be honest, those are the best meals of all!

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