Meals of the Week, April 23rd to April 29th

Sunday 30 April 2023


Meals of the Week, April 23rd to April 29th

Something which I have started doing here in The English Kitchen over this past month is sharing my Meals of the Week with you at the beginning of every week. I share all of the main meals that I have cooked or shared with family over the previous week, along with links to recipes, etc.

For me, it is good to be able to look back and see how I have eaten, and maybe where I could do better.  Having this as a goal at the end of each week also inspires me to want to cook better meals for myself so that I can share them with you.

I like to think that is also helps in your meal planning, whether you are a family or a single person living on your own.  A bit of inspiration always goes a long way, especially when it comes to meal planning.

Sometimes when you are living on your own, such as I do, the temptation can be to want to open a can or heat up a tv dinner.  Occasionally I will do just that, but most of the time I like to cook from scratch. Not only are my homemade meals much healthier, but they are more often than not much lower in salt, fat and sugar.  Homemade is always best. 

I do enjoy two meals out a week. I am very fortunate in that I live near family and so most Sundays I will share a Sunday dinner with my sister, her husband and my father, and on Wednesday nights my father and his friends like to get together at a local eatery for a meal. I usually tag along and sometimes I even get my sister to come with us!!

Waffle House Waffles

My breakfasts and lunch's are normally quite simple although I did treat myself to some homemade Copycat Waffle House Waffles one day this week.  Most mornings I will enjoy some homemade granola along with some Greek yogurt, or toast.   

Lunches will sometimes be leftovers from the night before if there are any, or a sandwich, or sometimes a frozen mini pizza, or even a salad. I love salad lunches!! They are my favorite things to eat for lunch!

Here is what I ate over the previous week for my main meals. I hope that you will be inspired to want to try some of the recipes perhaps, or at the very least to want to cook some good food for yourself! Just because you are on your own there is no need to think you aren't worth the effort.

You totally are!

Roast Beef Dinner

SUNDAY APRIL 23rd - Roast Beef Dinner at my sisters

Most Sundays I enjoy a family dinner at my sister's home with my sister, her husband and my father.  I really enjoy these family times that we get to spend with each other. Roast beef was on special last week and so my sister cooked a pot roast again. 

My sister makes the best gravy.  You can make great gravy from scratch, even if you don't have any drippings. You can find my recipe for that here

We had roasted carrots, potatoes and roasted tender stem cauliflower with it, or caulilini as it is also called. It is so delicious. Its not something either of us had tried until this year and now we can't get enough of it!

We had lemon pie for dessert, leftover from my place on Saturday night.  All of it was so yummy, but the best part of course was being together!!

Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

MONDAY APRIL 24th - Loaded Baked Potato Casserole for two

I had some leftover baked potatoes that I had baked on Saturday night for the family dinner and so I used them to make a delicious smaller sized version of an old casserole that I really enjoy.  

All of the flavors that you love to enjoy with a baked potato are included in this easy, all-in-one bake.  Cubed potatoes, cheese, bacon, sour cream, spring onions.  Its so delicious. I could make a meal of this and nothing else. 

I had some leftover roast chicken in the freezer, so I just warmed some of that up along with some steamed green beans. This was a simple and tasty meal.

Steak and Eggs

TUESDAY APRIL 25th - Steak & Eggs

I had gone to the store to pick up some buttermilk and spied a nice looking steak that was marked down because it was on its sell by date. 

I snapped it up and made myself some tasty Steak & Eggs for my supper.  It is a breakfast dish I know, but a pretty hearty one. I am a gal that enjoys having breakfast for my supper! 


This was really really good. I added a cheeky baked hashbrown patty on the side, otherwise it would have been a totally low carb dinner for those who are low-carbing it!

fish, chips and mushy peas

WEDNESDAY APRIL 26th - Fish and Chips with my dad and his friends

On Wednesday nights I always go out for supper with my dad and his lady friends.  We usually have fish and chips and this week was no different. We are a family that loves our fish and chips!  Not that healthy for you, I know, but always delicious. I usually get the hand cut chips and of course there is tartar sauce. No mushy peas here in Canada however.  I miss them.

I do have a lovely recipe for a Garlic Herbed Cod and Chips that you might enjoy.  Perfectly cooked cod loins with a tasty garlic and herb coating, roasted in the oven along side some home cut oven chips with the skins on. No frying in this one.

Street Cart Chicken & Rice

THURSDAY APRIL 27th - Street Cart Chicken and Rice

This is one of my favorite ways to cook chicken.  I froze 3 servings of the chicken and the rice in individual servings for another time (minus the lettuce and tomatoes.)  I also did not freeze the sauce.  This might look like a lot of work, but it really isn't.  I can promise you that it is worth every bit of effort and incredibly delicious.

You might not be able to freeze the sauce or the other bits, but things like this are great to have in the freezer. I just break it down into individual servings in small square freezer containers, ready to take out and heat up as and when. Its easy to add the fresh bits and the sauce on the day.

Macaroni with Tomatoes and Cheese

FRIDAY APRIL 28th - Macaroni Cheese & Tomato Bake

This is a recipe that I just love. I had not made it in a while because the original recipe serves four people. On this day I decided to cut the recipe in half and make just two servings.  

Oh, how delicious it is.  Macaroni is stirred together with a quick and easy tomato sauce and spread in the bottom of the baking dish. A lush layer of cheesy bechamel is spread over top and it is topped with buttery cracker crumbs prior to baking for a deliciously satisfying meal for two.  

All you need on the side is some crusty bread and perhaps a salad. That is how I enjoyed it at any rate!

Skillet Beans & Weiners

SATURDAY APRIL 29th - Skillet Beans and Weiners

This is one of those quick and easy suppers that I just love.  I love hot dogs and beans anyways, and when they are combined together in a delicious and easy skillet supper like this one, I am one very happy camper.  Its not something that I eat very often, but something that I really enjoy when I do.  

We used to have beans and weiners a lot when I was a child on Saturday nights.  Sometimes my mom would buy a huge can of tinned spaghetti and we would have weiners with that. Not only were these economical meals, but they were delicious as well. Maybe not the healthiest, but when you are watching the pennies, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!

A little bit of what you love to eat now and then never did anybody any harm.

I enjoyed with some crusty bread leftover from Friday night and some packaged scalloped potatoes.  This was a real treat.

 So here we are, right on the cusp of the lovely month of May. Temperatures are warming now and appetites are wanting lighter, fresher foods. Not so much comfort foods.  I am looking forward to the warmer sunnier days, salads and such.  How about you?

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 Thanks so much for visiting! Do come again! 


  1. All looks quite yummy...leftovers remade are always fun...sometimes turn out better in fact!
    Elizabeth xoxo

    1. Thanks very much Elizabeth. I love leftovers and remaking them. You are right, often better in fact! xo

  2. I found a recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding a while ago. It was under Oak Cottage Recipes and that sure seems like it might be you, Marie. It was the best thing I ever made and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you.

    1. Yes, that is me Lenore. I used to store my recipes for printing under Oak Cottage Recipes. They since cancelled that option and yet still hold my recipes. You will find the same recipe with photos here on my blog. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I really appreciate it! xo


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