Meals of The Week, April 2nd - April 8th

Sunday 9 April 2023


Meals of the Week

Here I am with another meals of the week post, this one covering Sunday April 2nd to Saturday April 8th. I have to say I am most appreciative of the feedback that I get from these posts. It is clear that you are being inspired from what I am cooking and eating and that makes me very happy!

Whether you are a singleton, or a couple empty nesters, or even a couple who just live on their own, its always nice to have some idea of what other people in the same situation do when it comes to preparing meals.

My mother was on her own for about 30 years prior to my sister moving in with her and my mother cooked herself a supper every day. They might have been simple things, but they were always nutritious and balanced.  

She loved to shop at M&M.  She would buy their boxes of marinated chicken breasts and steaks and fish and quite often that is what she would have along with some type of starch and some vegetables, or even just a salad.  Not all that inspiring to a person who likes to and enjoys cooking, but she was very happy with them.

Sometimes, if the local McDonalds was having an offer on Big Macs or some such, she would pick up a few and freeze them to enjoy every now and then. Again, not something I would choose to do, but she loved Big Macs!

She also used to love the Hungry Man Frozen Dinners and would buy them when they were on offer as well. She was especially fond of the turkey and stuffing one. I confess that every so often I like to indulge in a frozen dinner, but it is always on impulse and I am always disappointed when I get them because they always fail to measure up to the photograph on the box.  

I have not yet resorted to buying Big Macs and freezing them! LOL  Except for the occasional meal out I do cook for myself every day.  I will sometimes cook a bit extra and freeze that in single serve portions ready to enjoy on a day when I can't be asked to cook, or I am in a rush and don't have time to cook.

In any case here is what I cooked/enjoyed over this past week. This is only a reflection of what I had for my main meals of the day. Lunches (my evening meal) and breakfasts are a lot simpler and usually don't require much effort. I usually eat my main meal (if I am eating at home) at lunch time.  

For my breakfast I will have a muffin, or a bowl of cereal, maybe some toast, and occasionally I will enjoy some cold pizza from the night before. In the evenings I will enjoy a sandwich, or a salad, or a bowl of soup.  Sometimes another bowl of cereal. It all depends on if I am hungry or not and how hungry I am.

And without further adieu, here we go!

Air Fryer Roast Chicken

SUNDAY APRIL 2ND - Air Fryer Roast Chicken

Sunday supper at my sisters. My sister did a lovely roast chicken in her air fryer, and we enjoyed that along with some oven roasted tender stem broccoli, potatoes and sweet potatoes.  It was a small chicken, which fit into the air fryer perfectly.  The chicken turns out with extra crispy skin and is lovely and moist, very tender and juicy.

My sister always cooks a lovely supper. 

Creamy Curried Sweet Potato Soup

MONDAY APRIL 3RD - Creamy Curried Sweet Potato Soup

I wasn't overly hungry when it came to supper time on Monday.  I cooked up a small batch of Curried Sweet Potato Soup. This was lovely.  I garnished it with an additional drizzle of coconut milk and some toasted coconut flakes. I enjoyed with some warmed up Naan Bread.  I make a lovely Yeast Free Naan from scratch that is really easy to make.  It goes wonderfully with soups like this or with curries.

Cheesy Ranch Chicken & Bacon Foil Packs

TUESDAY APRIL 4TH - Cheesy Ranch Chicken & Bacon Foil Packs

I had a really busy day on Tuesday with hospital appointments up country, etc.  I prepped these delicious foil pack chicken dinners in the morning, ready to take out of the fridge and pop into the oven when I got home.  Foil pack dinners are a real favorite here because they take very little effort, are a simple meal in one and there is very little to clean up when done.  

You can make as many or as few as you like. If you don't want to cook in foil, you could also do in a small covered casserole dish. This one has both sweet and white potatoes on the bottom, also broccoli florets, tossed with a bit of oil and seasoned with ranch dressing mix, topped with chicken, which is also seasoned in the same way and then topped with cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon. Quite simply delicious! 


WEDNESDAY APRIL 5TH - Supper out with Dad and Cindy

I always go out for supper with my father and his friends on Wednesday Evenings.  This week my sister joined us. We go to a local eatery called The Big Scoop.  

The special this week was a Toasted Western Sandwich with fries.  I make a really great Oven Baked Western Sandwich with Oven Baked Hash Browns.  It is sized perfectly for just two people and always goes down a real treat. You can't beat cheap, easy and delicious meals like this one! 

The Best Oven Baked Pork Chop Ever

THURSDAY APRIL 6TH - The Best Oven Baked Pork Chops Ever

You can't beat a pork chop supper!  I had picked up some nice thick bone-in chops for a bargain price because they were at their sell by date. Not a problem. Bring them home and freeze them right away for a tasty supper later on. I cooked one of them on Thursday. 

These were big chops. Large enough to feed two people.  Breaded and baked, dotted with butter, then drizzled with a delicious honey mustard glaze, this was really REALLY delicious. I served with the half of the box of scalloped potatoes that I had not cooked the week before and some yellow wax beans. Tender,  juicy and delicious!

tuna melt casserole

FRIDAY APRIL 7TH - Tuna Melt Casserole

I had not  made this delicious Tuna Casserole in a very long time. I cut the recipe in half because here is only me.  Fat rigatoni pasta mixed with tuna and broccoli florets in a lush cheese sauce, topped with sliced tomatoes and more cheese and baked until bubbly and delicious!

I enjoyed this with a side salad and some crusty bread!

Buttermilk Chicken

SATURDAY APRIL 8TH - Buttermilk Chicken
This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy chicken. You can use either chicken breasts or chicken tenders.  The chicken always comes out tender and delicious. I think its because of the acidic qualities of the buttermilk.

The chicken is coated in buttermilk and rolled in flour and baked in a dish with melted butter until golden brown on both sides.  A mix of condensed soup and buttermilk is poured over top and then they are baked for a while longer. You get tender juicy chicken pieces with a lush gravy/sauce.

I did cook the full recipe. I served one helping with some rice and mixed vegetables and then froze the remainder in single serving sized baggies for me to enjoy another time.

And those were my meals of the week for April 2nd to 8th!  As you can see I ate very well and even have a few things in the freezer for future meals!

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 Thanks so much for visiting! Do come again! 

You get tender juicy pieces of chicken in a lush buttermilk sauce/gravy. 


  1. Hi, Marie, I clicked back on the Western Sandwich recipe -- sounds like it's right down my alley, As i only cook for me, do you think i could prep the sandwich and then freeze for another day? maybe wrap in foil and then pop into the toaster over? thanks, barbara

    1. Absolutely Barbara! That's what I do! Just make sure it is well wrapped. I would wrap it in foil and then into a plastic zip lock baggie. Then just take the foil wrapped package out and pop into the toaster oven. Hope this helps and that you enjoy! xo


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