Meals of the Week, March 26th - April 1st.

Sunday 2 April 2023


Meals of the Week

Here I am with another Meals of the week post, this one from the 26th of March to the 1st of April.  I think I will be making this a regular thing. I have always been interested in what other people are eating on a daily basis and I think other people will be interested in the things that I eat on a daily basis, at least for my main meals anyways.

If nothing else this could serve as inspiration for people who are finding themselves in a bit of rut when it comes to meal planning and the like.  I am a senior citizen who lives on my own. Just myself and my two cats.

When a person lives on their own there can be a tendency to get into a bit of a rut cooking-wise, or even to maybe get a bit lazy, wanting just to open tins or have frozen dinners. I have even found myself doing that from time to time.

I thought this would be a way to keep myself more focused on planning, cooking and eating better meals. Convenience foods are often loads with salt and are not really all that good for you, so this is probably a healthier way of eating.

I do eat out every Wednesday with my father and his friends, but I will always try to give you a recipe that you can make in the place of that eat out meal, or even to prepare that eat out meal for yourself. (This week it was fish and chips.)

I have supper at my sister's most Sundays, but I will also provide a recipe whereby you can replicate what we have eaten there as well.

Food and eating really doesn't have to be complicated and its entirely possible to prepare for yourself healthy and delicious meals that don't cost the moon without having to resort to frozen dinners and tin cans.  Well, most of the time anyways! 

Pot Roast


SUNDAY, MARCH 26TH - Sunday supper at my sisters. This week she had cooked a small roast beef in the oven, pot roast style. We had that with baby new potatoes, steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and gravy. You can get my Slow Cooker Pot Roast recipe here. I promise you its delicious. I also have a Classic Pot Roast for two people recipe here.  This is also fabulous.

For dessert I had a half of a Crunch Cake donut that was purchased from the shops, warmed gently in the microwave. It was a Mrs Dunster's donut. Best store bought donuts around I would say. We love them. They're a real treat. 

Easy Tomato Pasta

MONDAY, MARCH 28TH - Easy Tomato Pasta 

This was a really economical and deliciously quick and simple supper. You cook rigatoni pasta in some salted boiling water and while that is cooking you make a rich and tasty simple tomato sauce.  The pasta gets tossed into the sauce, and then you cover the whole lot with some cheesy fresh bread crumbs and pop it under a hot grill to toast everything up and melt the cheese. 

You can add sliced hotdogs to this, or ham or whatever, or just leave it plain. I added sliced hotdogs.  I served a simple salad on the side, of lettuce, peas, cheese, and red onions in a simple homemade mayo vinaigrette dressing. This was simple,  easy on the budget and incredibly delicious.

Pineapple Glazed Ham Steaks

TUESDAY, MARCH 27TH - Pineapple Glazed Ham Steaks

Ham steaks, browned and covered in a sweet brown sugar, Dijon mustard and pineapple juice and crushed pineapple mixture and simmered in a skillet until the ham is tender and sweetly glazed.  Lightly spiced with a pinch of cloves, a few maraschino cherries are added near the end to pretty it up. 

Tender, juicy and delicious, this is the perfect holiday dinner option for the smaller family or anyone who doesn't want to cook a full ham. You can be enjoying it in about half an hour's time which isn't bad for a meal like this! 

Fish & Chips

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29TH - Fish and Chips

On Wednesday nights I always go out for supper with my father and two of his lady friends. We go to a local eatery. This weeks special was a haddock burger and potato skins, which really did not appeal so I fell back on my favorite fish and chips.  

I also had a baby dish of soft ice cream to finish, a rare treat. If you would like to make your own fish and chips you can check out my recipe for a Beer Battered Fish here.

Pierogi Stuffed Shells

THURSDAY, MARCH 30th - Pierogi Stuffed Shells 

Although I had cooked these on the Wednesday I did not eat them until Thursday.  Happy to say they sheltered very well overnight and reheated well. Rich and delicious.  Everything you love in a pierogi but stuffed into a tender large pasta shell. Delicious served with sour cream and additional fried onions.

Even the leftovers were delicious. I had some for breakfast (don't judge me!) a few mornings in a row, lightly heated up in the microwave. Still delicious!

Fish Cakes and Beans

FRIDAY MARCH 31ST - Fish Cakes and Beans

I actually went out to lunch with two of my close friends on Friday. We went to a place in Kingston called The Green Elephant Cafe. I had the pork smash burger which was a thin pork patty with sauerkraut, fried onions, fried mushrooms, cheese and a garlic mayonnaise. There was also sliced tomatoes on it. It was really good.

I wasn't really all that hungry come supper time, so I heated myself up some baked beans and had them with a couple of small frozen fish cakes that my sister had given me one time. It was hearty and satisfying, although the fish cakes were not near as good as my own homemade ones. You can find the recipe for those here.  These are the fish cakes I always used to make for the family I worked for at the Manor. They are excellent.

Fried Chicken Tacos

SATURDAY APRIL 1ST - Fried Chicken Tacos

It was our church's Spring General conference so I knew I wouldn't have time to cook a really big meal for  myself. I settled on these delicious tacos. This time I used some leftover chicken that I had in my freezer which worked out beautifully. They went together in no time and were delicious.  I had the usual taco toppings on them. Lettuce, chopped peppers,  spring onions, some sour cream, and a bit of salsa as I didn't have any fresh tomatoes in the house.

This was quick, easy, filling and delicious. Plus it enabled me to use up some of the things languishing in my freezer and vegetable drawer! 

And those were the meals I enjoyed this week.  Did you enjoy anything that you might want to share with us.  I really want to know!  Lets share with each other!

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  1. Love this idea of posting your weekly meals. It’s always a struggle sometimes to come up with meal ideas and this will be a wonderful help.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback!

  2. I love this! Meal planning is so time consuming and your recipes are always a hit. Thank you!


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