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Wednesday 25 June 2014

On a side note, as I have a lot of new readers, I wanted to let you know that not only do I cook, but I am also an artist in my spare time. This is something which I have been doing since I was a little girl and wanted a Clue-do game of my own but didn't have any money to buy one.  The solution was simple.  I made my own.  Twas the same with my paper dolls, etc.  I was always drawing and coloring in new clothes for them.   This is an interested which continued on through my childhood, high school and for  a time after.   I always wanted to go to Art school, but never did have the chance, so I am largely self taught.

I experiment and I learn. It is an on-going process.    I have an art page where you can see most of my work here.  (Just click on the here.  It will take you there.)

 photo Picnicstothewoodscopyright.jpg

During the years I was bringing up the children and then working full time, I didn't really have much time to do a lot of artwork, but this is a joy that retirement has been bringing to my table and which I have combined with my other love in life, that of food and cooking!  Over the last couple of years I have created five separate Cook-booklets which combine both of those loves for me.  Each contains lots of delicious recipes (most not on the blog) combined with hints and tips from my kitchen and experience, interspersed with lots of bits of my artwork.   Some of it is printable, and some of it is suitable for framing "Kitchen Art!"    I have had lots of really nice positive feedback from them all, which makes me happy.  I am now working on a sixth one which I hope will be even better than the others.

 photo copyright4.jpg

All of the measurements are in both British and North American measures.  All of the recipes are tried and triple tried, and some of my favourites.  The four titles include:

A Royal Tea Party
The Great British Picnic
Christmas in The English Kitchen
Recipes to Keep
Spring into Summer

All sell individually at £5 for a downloadable and printable PDF file which is e-mailed within 24 hours directly to your very own e-mail.  The smallest one is 35 pages, but most are around the 40 to 45 page mark.   All are filled with lovely illustrations, and a multitude of tips, hints and recipes which do not appear on my blog. In total, there are over a hundred and sixty recipes, along with many printables, etc. suitable for framing.  

 photo copyright_zpsf0777b7e.jpg

I am offering all five of my cookbooklets together with one low price for a limited time only. I normally charge £5 each, but for one week only you can get all five for only £15, which means essentially you are getting two for free. This is a time limited offer. (It will end on the 1st of July 2014)To check out more details on what is in them, etc. check out my Recipe Booklet page (Link below. If you scroll down to the end of the cookbooklets page, you will find the link for purchase.) 

To find out more CLICK HERE. 

 photo copyrightAGA_zpse0671bca.jpg 

I am at present working on number six of the series, so do look for that one soon.  Thanks so much for your time and for reading this post.   You're all very special to me.   It's much appreciated!


  1. I love yours draws Marie are beautiful!

  2. Lovely art and great recipes!

  3. Thank you Kate and Gloria! You are so kind. xx

  4. Your illustrations are charming! I bet the booklets are just lovely!

  5. Thanks so much Patricia! I think they are pretty special. I have never had any complaints at any rate! ☺

  6. I love your cookbooklets! They're so fabulous! And I absolutely adore your art. I've got a list of my favorites... which keeps growing... because one of these days I want to order half a dozen prints from you :) That stove one is one of my new very VERY favorites!!

  7. Aww thanks April! You're so kind! The stove one is a favourite of mine too! xx


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