Low Fat Strawberry Milkshakes

Friday 6 June 2014

I sure am enjoying the The Froothie Optimum 9400 Blender  which I was sent a few weeks back. It has really been making short work of all of the blending and blitzing in my kitchen, and it especially shines when it comes to make something as delicious as these milkshakes which I am showing you today.  

Strawberry season is almost upon us now and I wanted to use up some of the frozen berries that I had in the freezer from last year before I start picking the new crop!  I decided to make us some delicious milkshakes for breakfast.     



Milkshakes are not something which I have very often.   They are usually really high in fat and calories, and to be honest you can pay a lot for one in a restaurant . . .  I wasn't ever sure either about making them at home.  Would my old blender be up to the job?   Would I end up with anything even remotely resembling a milkshake?  I had my serious doubts.   

 photo SAM_5217_zps1fdcf31a.jpg  

I am trying to eat healthier lately and so I decided that I would just throw some frozen berries into the Optimum 9400 along with some milk and a bit of honey, plus some vanilla.  A milk shake has to have vanilla!   I also added a bit of lemon juice to keep the colour nice and pink.  

 photo SAM_5218_zps84bca8c0.jpg  

In less than two minutes I had the most delicious, creamiest milkshake I have ever eaten.  No kidding!  It had a beautiful thick texture.  

 photo SAM_5219_zpsd04e2c1e.jpg  

Just look at that . . . and the taste.  It was seriously delicious!  I haven't enjoyed my breakfast so much in a long time and I absolutely loved the fact that I was drinking/eating something which was quite healthy and yet seemed totally luxurious!  

 photo SAM_5220_zpsaea008bd.jpg  

You can be sure that now that I know it's so easy to have something this delicious in my hands at almost the blink of an eye . . . okay flick of a switch . . . I will be enjoying these tasty milkshakes a lot more in the future.  I can't wait to try out some other flavours.   Peach.   Nectarine.  Blueberry.  SUMMER BERRY!  OH my . . . cherry!  *Slurp!*  There is no end to the possibilities!

 photo SAM_5223_zps490b3000.jpg  

*Low Fat Strawberry Milkshakes*
Serves 2

These are delicious.  Feel free to use a milk substitute for the milk in this recipe.   Coconut milk is good and results in a lovely creamy milkshake.  You could also use an almond or an oat milk.
Goats milk, etc.

3 cups frozen strawberries
(the unsweetened kind)
225ml milk (1 cup)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
2 TBS liquid honey  

Place all of the ingredients into a blender.   Plus to break up the berries, stopping to stir with a scraper or wooden spoon as needed.  Blend until smooth and thick, then pour into glasses to serve.  


This seriously felt like a luxurious treat!  I love it when that happens!  NO fat.  NO sugar.  Gluten free and very adaptable to anyone who has a milk allergy!  Vegan!  Win!  Win! Win!

I am really loving having this new toy to play with.  I am looking forward to creating a lot of new things with it, especially with the summer months coming up.  I see lots of tasty fruit smoothies, salad dressings, sauces, etc.  This little baby is going to get a lot of use for sure!  

To find out more about this beautiful machine do check out the Froothie Homepage.   To find out more about the specifications of it and just what it can do,  remember it's not just a blender.
Of course if you are as impressed as I am with what I have done with this machine you can just buy one now.
With a one month trial, money back guarantee which includes return postage costs from the UK, you can't lose! 

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  1. What a gorgeous blender! Lucky you!! As a constant smoothie maker, I have a couple tips to try. If you add a small chunk of frozen banana, it seriously sweetens a smoothie (or milkshake!), no extra sweetener needed! I also LOVE adding greek yogurt, makes them so creamy and a little bit of tang. Yum! In fact, I haven't had breakfast yet... I'll go make one right now! :)


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