Walnut Slices

Sunday 5 February 2017

This is a recipe that I have been baking for years and years and years. It is one of my favourite all time bars and something which my family always loved during their growing up years. 

They were quite dangerous for me to bake as I couldn't keep myself from indulging if these were around. Yes, they are that good.

Its an old handwritten recipe that is splotched and splattered which speaks volumes as to just how very beloved and good these squares actually are! 

I can no longer remember where or who I got it from.  But wherever and whoever it was, I have been very thankful for ever since!

What you have is a beautifully moist caramel flavoured cake base. Brown sugar keeps it moist and gives it that lovely caramel flavour.
I would say it is very similar to a blondie base.

With a totally scrumptious walnut filled brown sugar meringue topping!You actually fold the walnuts into the meringue in this recipe. 

They kind of sink when baking into a sweet, almost buttertart/chess pie-like filling.

Walnut Slices

The two together make for total bliss.  Break out the tea pot!  You will want to enjoy these with a nice hot cuppa! 

Do you remember that childhood verse? Polly put the kettle on?  Well . . .  Polly, put the kettle on!

*Walnut Slices*
Makes one 8 by 12 inch pan

These have long been my absolute favourite bars.  I've been making these since my kiddies were kiddies!  Delicious brown sugar cake base, gooey brown sugar and nut meringue topping.  For those with a sweet tooth.

114g butter, softened (1/2 cup)
400g soft light brown sugar (2 cups packed), divided
2 tsp vanilla, divided
1/2 tsp salt
2 large free range eggs, separated
175g of plain flour (1 1/4 cups)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
115g of chopped walnuts (1 cup)

Preheat the oven to 160*C/300*F/ gas mark 3.  Butter an 8 by 12 inch baking tin really well.  Set aside.

Cream together the butter and half of the sugar (200g/1cup) until light and smooth.  Beat in the salt along with half of the vanilla and the egg yolks. Sift together the baking powder and flour.  Stir this into the creamed mixture to combine well.  Spread into the prepared pan.

Whisk the egg whites with an electric whisk until soft peaks form.  Continue to whisk, whilst adding the remaining brown sugar a bit at a time. Whisk until all is incorporated.  Stir in the chopped walnuts and remaining 1 tsp of vanilla.  Spread this mixture over the cake base in the tin.

Bake in the preheated oven for 35 minutes.  Allow to cool completely in the tin before removing and cutting into bars.

Colour these impossible to resist and quite dangerous!  Betcha can't eat just one! Bon Appetit! 

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  1. 300 F...is that correct? Never really heard of baking something this low.
    These sound really yummy.

    1. Yes, that is the correct temperature Sheila! That is what gives these their lovely chewiness and beautifully moreish texture! You will LOVE them! xo

    2. the slow temp allows the meringue to crisp without burning. i remember these and they are delish! unfortunately they have too much sugar for me nowadays.

    3. That's very true Sis. No, I don't bake them much these days either because of the sugar. I only bake them when I have someone else around to eat them! Oh boy but its tough getting old! xo

  2. My mom made these:)I am certain♥Pinnnnnnningggggg

    1. Don't know why but I just got this comment Monique! Wierd! I am sure everyone's mom made these at some point. Oh boy they are wicked! xo

  3. These are really, really lovely. So easy to make and were devoured by my nut loving, sweet toothed husband (who annoyingly never gains weight!). A real success. Thank you.

    1. I have one of those also Marie! Most annoying! Glad the slices were enjoyed! Xo

  4. Should I line the tin first - you say just butter the tin, how do you remove the bars without breaking them apart

    1. You can most certainly line the tin if you want to Susie, but it's not really necessary. Once they cool, it is very easy to slip a flexible spatula beneath and carefully lift the whole thing out. Or you can just cut them into squares in the tin and lift the out individually which is what I usually do. Hope this helps! xo

  5. How do you remove from the tin please x

    1. Sorry Susie, see my response to your comment above! xo


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