Grilled Mac, Cheese and Pancetta Sandwich

Monday 28 November 2016

I made a nice Macaroni and Cheese for supper one night at the weekend and had a bit extra mac and cheese that didn't fit into the casserole dish.    I hate waste and so I decided to do what any who loves to cook, loves to eat and hates waste would do.  I created something tasty with it.  Don't shoot me because once you see this, your life will never be the same again. 💕  Sorry about that!

Meet the Grilled Mac, Cheese and Pancetta Sandwich.    I know . . . I can't help it, the wheels in my culinary head are always turning.

I can't claim to have invented this . . . but it's new to me.  If you've already done this, I haven't stolen your recipe.  We are just great minds that think alike!  (What a fab idea to think that the world is filled with great minds thinking alike!)  They say there is nothing new under the sun, only new ways of doing things.   I expect that is true.

This is so tasty   . . . yes . . .  more than  tad bit hedonistic to be sure.  But once in a blue moon a gal just has to do what a gal has to do . . . and as you know by now I like to push the envelope a tad bit now and then.

Each bite brings the taste of buttery toasted bread |(Garlicky if  you have used garlic mayo instead of butter), salty crisp pancetta and creamy peppery macaroni and cheese!  WOWSA!  This was FABULOUS!

I was too afraid to eat the whole thing.  My arteries were constricting just thinking about it so I tortured the Toddster with half of it.  He seemed to enjoy it as well.   Now I am pondering what else I can do to this to take it even further over the top. Any ideas???  (I think some rocket/arugula would be a nice addition.  Next time!!)

*Grilled Pancetta, Mac & Cheese Sarnies*
Makes one

My instructions and amounts are for one sandwich, but can easily be upped to more.  I used my homemade macaroni and cheese for this, before it was baked in the oven.  I just removed about a cup of it and then put the rest into the casserole dish to bake a bit later on.  

2 slices good white bread 4 slices of pancetta, cooked until crisp softened butter or garlic mayo about 1 cup of prepared good macaroni and cheese
a small handful of grated cheddar cheese Fresh ground black pepper

Butter the outsides of the bread with some softened butter or garlic mayonnaise.  Place the grated cheese on the un-buttered side of one slice of bread and spread the macaroni and cheese on the un-buttered side of the other slice.   Grind a goodly amount of black pepper on the macaroni and cheese.  Lay the slices of cooked pancetta on top of the cheese on the other slice.  Carefully press the two sides together, taking care that the plain buttered sides are on the outside.  Heat a small nonstick skillet.  Carefully add the sandwich and brown first on one side, then flip over and brown on the other side.   Wait a few minutes and then slice into halves or quarters and enjoy!  

Note:  If you really want to be hedonistic, you can brown them in the fat leftover from cooking the pancetta.  I'm not going to admit to this.  ;-)

You can find a really good Mac & Cheese recipe here. 


  1. I'm drooling just looking at those pictures. Pure ambrosia on a plate!

  2. Whoah, Marie! I've never seen this anywhere and love your thinking! I might just add in a few torn leaves of basil, or maybe spread the bread with some pesto. I know the DH would add a few slices of tomato, too. Goodness me!

    1. Oh gosh, I love your suggestions Merry! Especially the tomato and basil! YUM! xo


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