Smash Burgers

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

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I watched the Pioneer Woman doing something like this on the telly one day and it looked dead simple and delicious and decided to try to replicate it for us here at home.

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They turned out great and we both really enjoyed.  Simple to make and oh so delicious.   No seasonings needed except for salt and black pepper.

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Use a good butchers beef if possible, not the stuff from the shops which is pumped full of red dyes and water.   The secret lies in searing them on a very hot pan quickly and pressing them down as flat as you can so that they cook quickly and brown nicely.

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Because they cooked rather quickly all of the juices stay inside and you get a really tasty burger.  The heat from the burgers melts the cheese . . . served on a toasted bun wth your favourite garnishes results in a burger that is very delicious indeed.

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*Smash Burgers*
Serves 4

Delicious burgers, nicely browned on the outsides and filled with cheese.   I like to serve them on toasted soft buns with lots of pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.  But you can pick your own garnishes.  Whatever you choose, your family will love these. 

1 pound of ground beef mince
(Not too lean but not too fatty)
salt and black pepper
4 slices of easy melting cheese
Toasted buns and desired garnishes 

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Divide the ground beef mince into 8 equal portions, shaping each into a ball.  Heat a large nonstick griddle pan over high heat.  Once is is nice and heated, place the balls of beef onto the griddle pan one at a time and using a non slotted spatula, or the bottom of a cup to press down very heavily on the meat to flatten it out as thin and flat as you can.  Season to taste with salt and black pepper.  Cook for about 2 minutes, until nicely browned.  You will know when this has happened as the sides of the patties will start to colour.  Flip over.  Cook for about 1 minute.   Top half of the patties with 1 slice of cheese and then with the other patties.  Give it half a minute or so to melt the cheese and then place on the toasted buns and serve.

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Bon Appetit!  Enjoy!


  1. You bum! HOW could you do this to me!! Are you TRYING to drive me out of my mind? Just a couple of days ago I was saying how much I was craving a GOOD steak and a great hamburger or cheeseburger. It's easier to just do without the bread or the bun when its the disgusting tasteless stuff I've found so far in gluten free bread. I NEED to sit down and start trying out gf recipes to make my own. I wonder if you have ANY concept or understanding of HOW good those burgers look to me. I close my eyes and I can just FEEL that nice soft bun in my hand and the juice that rolls out if I press a bit on the sandwich. I can feel and hear the crunch of the pickle and the lettuce and that luscious squishiness of the vine-ripened tomato with just a touch (not too much now) of a high-quality mayonnaise. I don't even know HOW long its been since I had a, juicy cheeseburger on a soft potato bread bun. There is a company near me (actually in Pennsylvania outside of Chambersburg, I might live in Maryland but I live just about 4 miles from the state line) called Martin's Rolls that has been around for decades. For those of you in the States, yes, they ARE (or were at least) a Mennonite family. (around here MANY of the Martins are Mennonite or descended from a Mennonite family). They also make a potato bread and is second only to the Hawaiian Dinner rolls. (aren't they incredible too) While they're called potato bread and rolls and yes, they do have potato flour in them they are however also made with a great deal of regular AP flour thus making them inedible for we poor, sad Celiac sufferers. I've loved these rolls ever since I was a kid. They're a great favorite of many people for things like cheeseburgers, etc. As a kid, believe it or not, a very special, just for a treat meal was homemade cheeseburger, homemade french fries and homemade milkshakes. The everyday normal meals were the steaks, roasts, chicken, pork chops, all of those sorts of things. It's crazy, but that's how it was. My mom worked fulltime so to do those items were very time consuming and probably why they were a special treat. This cheeseburger looks so much like what our special one did its almost spooky. But sadly, until I can discover a hamburger bun I like as well as I do the rolls i enjoy, I'll just continue going without and eating them bunless, usually with AI Steak Sauce.

    1. Oh dear Pam! I wish I could help you with the bun. All that food you have described sounds fabulously delicious. A good bun makes for a great hamburger! I have used Brioche buns here and they are fabulous. But a well done burger with A1 steak sauce can also be a very tasty thing! xo

  2. Oh Pam I feel your pain. Here in Oz you can now order a Macca's burger wrapped in lettuce leaf.

    It is time to yell snap. I have come home late and made mince into burgers and am eating one now. Mum would never let me use plain mince like that. However, I have had it and it was darn good.

    1. Plain mince is highly underrated Suzan! I love a great plain burger with nothing added! xo

  3. :)I love when the cheese melts..I have to make your pork burgers again!

    1. Oh, yes that's lovely Monique. The pork burgers are lovely! xo

  4. I love a good burger and always cook my burgers by making them into a ball and then smashing the meat when I see liquid (fat) pool around the ball. It makes a great crispy crust on the burger. Decent meat and S & P are all you need for great flavor.
    I was surprised to read that you get The Pioneer Woman across the pond!!!

    1. Sounds great Sharon! I like the Pioneer Woman! xo


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